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So many issues

byshanoopson 07/26/2017

During the purchasing process, I asked to be shown AWD models, and was assured that the car I purchased was, in fact, equipped with AWD. Paul even took the time during the test drive to explain how intuitive all wheel drive works. Unfortunately, he either didn't have a good grasp on their inventory, or he was less than honest in his description of the car. Either way, when I checked the VIN online the following day, I discovered that the car I bought was front wheel drive. I called Hertz immediately, and, to their credit, they were willing to work with me on returning the front wheel drive model and purchasing one with AWD. We went back in the following day and, after spending a combined 10 hours at the dealership, agreed upon the purchase of an AWD Rogue. I picked it up that Saturday and drove off into the sunset. I'd love to be able to tell you that all ended well. It didn't. Last week, I got a somewhat frantic phone call from the sales person I worked with saying that my bank was refusing to fund my new car because they'd never received the original cashier's check they issued back. When we signed the paperwork on the final car, we asked if we were supposed to hand over said check to Hertz and they told us that we should just return it to our bank. We did exactly that, so I was extremely confused when I got the call that the bank wouldn't fund the new car. After speaking with Hertz's finance manager, I called my bank to straighten everything out and was told that Hertz was supposed to collect that check from us and send it in with the rest of the paperwork. Thankfully, we were able to get proof from our branch that we had turned the check in, and the issue was resolved. Or so I thought. Yesterday, a full 22 days after I traded in my old car, I received notice from my bank that I am delinquent on the payment for that car. I explained that I had traded it in, and they informed me that they never received the payoff check from Hertz. I again called Hertz and was told that they would call me back today after noon to let me know what happened. So now I'm sitting here, out two car payments, and nervous as hell because I have zero confidence in this company. I will update again when I hear back from them, but I honestly can't recommend Hertz to anyone at this point.

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