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5 out of 5 starsservice Rating


by Kathy Kalafarski on 02/21/2024

I went to Ron Tonkin Honda (at 300 SE 122nd) last year to get body repair for my 2017 Honda Fit. While I did realize there was a shortage of used cars I did not realize what a "magic trick" it would be to get the parts needed to repair my car. I made several calls to get information - The folks at Ron Tonkin were incredible. They went above and beyond. My insurance company wanted me to go thru one of their "preferred" auto body repair shops but I chose Ron T. and am very happy I did. So many things happened out of my hands/ insurance cancelled my estimate appointment I had waited several weeks for (among other things) - the bottom line is there was a lot to iron out and Ron Tonkin was there for me. They kept the ball rolling and kept in contact with me with many updates throughout the process. They were very professional and yet also very human at the same time - THAT is the best. They kept my stressful situation under control and were wonderful to work with. Dan Kiekenapp (General Manager) even sent me a video of my car as it was on the lift to show work was being done - I cracked up at that. How very thoughtful. It was a long process that many folks were going through and they made it so much better than it could have been. Thank you also to Marcia Seibert for always letting me know I was not forgotten, to Michael Stone and the many other folks who were behind this excellent service. Ron Tonkin made a HUGE difference. Thank you so much !!!! I appreciate you. I have told many folks about your amazing service. Kathy Kalafarski To the Tonkin Team - I apologize for my late review!!

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  • Were you satisfied with the quality of work performed on your vehicle? Yes
  • Did the dealership complete the work within the timeframe promised? Yes
  • Did the dealership provide you with an accurate quote of the work to be performed? Yes
  • Do you feel the price paid for service(s) was fair and appropriate? Yes
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Yes


1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Wouldn’t sell me a car

by Marko on 09/24/2023

I made an appointment for a specific vehicle 2 hours away, 750 credit score and wouldn’t approve me. Or didn’t even try actually, Marco was my ‘sales rep’ Long story short i drove and wasted my time then the next week purchased the same vehicle older year for a little less somewhere else closer, and drove home the next day.

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1 out of 5 starsservice Rating

Price Gouging

by Webpaiger on 07/04/2023

When I made an appt to diagnose my AC, I was told it would be $354 b/c cost of freon has gone up, and this is the cost just to diagnose, not actually fix the AC. When I dropped off my car and met with the service rep, he said it would be $599. When I told him I'd received a quote of $354 over the phone, he shook his head and held firm that this would cost $599. I had to sign a "promissory note," which listed the price as $180, but when I pointed this out, the service guy crossed it out and wrote $599. I called a different Honda dealer in Portland to see what their price was for the exact same service and they said "185.00." I asked them to explain the process to me to be sure it was the exact same service and it was. In other words, Ron Tonkin Honda was trying to charge me an extra $400. This happened on July 3. I left with my car and found an independent shop that could do the work--diagnose AND fix my car--for $875 total.

  • Recommend this dealer? No
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of work performed on your vehicle? No
  • Did the dealership complete the work within the timeframe promised? No
  • Did the dealership provide you with an accurate quote of the work to be performed? No
  • Do you feel the price paid for service(s) was fair and appropriate? No
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? No


1 out of 5 starssales Rating

dis honest and un helpful

by L B on 07/03/2023

On July 1st I contacted this dealership about a used car they have on the lot. A very nice sales rep called me and even took the time to send me a video of sections of the car. I arranged with her that I would drive down from Seattle the following day July 2nd Sunday and I would be there when they opened at 10am. At 9am Sunday morning I get a call and she is verifying that I will be there. I tell her I'm about a half hour away and I understood they didn't open until 10am. She said she was "getting the car ready for me" and would see me when I got there. I called to say I was there and she said "I have a couple things to tell you, 1. the car won't start and 2. there are no mechanics on duty on sunday." I got to the car and I see a mechanic or some kind of tech with a battery device hooked up to the car. I asked him what is going on and he states the battery is fine but the car won't start. I meet up with the sales rep and she tells me that YESTERDAY when she went to take the video she was unable to get the car to start. She NEVER MENTIONED this to me! She went and bought a battery for the key fob and that didn't help so now that it was the day of she still didn't tell me there was any issue until I was minutes away. This dealership offered me NOTHING other than to sell me a car that I didn't want and that wasn't what I had driven over 3 hours down to see. NO offer to compensate me at all, no offer to bring the car to a lot closer to me when they figure out what happened, no offer to call anyone in to look at it they did NOTHING other than to offer to sell me something else on the lot. I asked how long the car had been on the lot and they were unable to tell me that. I looked it up today and found it has been there a couple days shy of a month. I'm sure they knew there was a problem with this car but have yet to fix it and were not honest to their customer. For anyone shopping for a Subaru... the car I'm talking about is a 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited Venetian Red with 31k miles on it.

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3 out of 5 starssales Rating

Know thyself...

by KVB616 on 05/09/2023

I have to say I was pretty disappointed when I went to Ron Tonkin Honda yesterday. What really amazes me is that I brought my car in cleaner and better looking than most of their used vehicles on the lot, including the vehicle that I test drove. It makes you wonder if they ever heard of wash and wax, or maybe a vacuum cleaner? I guess some of the issues that I have with my experience yesterday, are normal for all dealerships. The salesman tried very hard to railroad me into their financing when I made it clear I had my own financing set up, and was waiting for a phone call. Their appraisal of my car was pathetic, and in my view was clearly an attempt to put me at a disadvantage financially with them. Their appraisal value of my car was easily $1,500 to $2,000 below the Kelley Blue book for my car. I even have all of my scheduled maintenance and routine maintenance invoices! So when I backed out of the deal because I didn't like the way I was being played. The salesman had to bring over his manager who proceeded to criticize me for where I had bought my last three cars! I'm sorry to say, it was just a bad time for me to try and buy a new car. Seeing that it's Mercury retrograde right now, I should have waited! Buy car from Ron Tonkin! I'm not saying don't, just be careful, do your research, know where you stand financially, know the value of your car, and the one you want to buy, because they are not going to do it for you!

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5 out of 5 starssales Rating

Exceptional Customer Service at Ron Tonkin Honda

by Marilyn Buchanan on 03/19/2022

We purchased a Honda Hybrid CRV Touring 2022 at Ron Tonkin Honda in Portland, Oregon in March 2022 and had a wonderful experience. Our salesperson Nikito and financial person Jeff were exceptional; they were friendly, down-to-earth, and extremely knowledgeable. We are married over 50 years and have purchased many cars and this was hands down our best car purchase experience ever. Nikito is a stellar young man who truly went the extra mile to insure our satisfaction, he will definitely meet all your expectations. Jeff was not only very professional but actually a fun financial rep. for Tonkin, he made the process smooth and easy. You can have no qualms about heading to Ron Tonkin Honda to purchase your next car.

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