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byAshley1291on 12/05/2017

BEWARE! It's not possible to be any more disappointed with this dealership. I've had a lot of bad experiences with mechanics and pretty much anything car related. Since this is a Ford dealership, I was hoping it would be a better experience. I took my 77,000 mile 2007 Mustang in a few weeks ago for an airbag recall, brake replacement, new passenger front blinker and break light. They told me the brakes didn't need to be replaced and there was plenty of life in them left. It even says this on the invoice. Once that was done, I picked it up. That totaled $240. My fiancé followed me home and saw that the brake light was not replaced, so back it went MINUTES after picking it up. The very same day the car was not turning over properly. Eventually, the car would not start at all and a jump wouldn't even get it started. I had a pretty good idea that it was the alternator and battery. I towed it to the dealership a few weeks later after the initial visit. Now they tell me the car DOES need brakes and rotors, like I ASKED for the first time. I had put no more than 129 miles (yes, I calculated the in/out exact miles on my service invoices) on the car between the three weeks. Obviously, "brakes that had plenty of life in them" would not have needed changing in that amount of time! Plus, the alternator and battery needed to be changed. I paid for a brake and multi-point car inspection the first time. Clearly they did not follow through. I wouldn't even doubt that they didn't change out the recalled driver side airbag and that they put used faulty parts in my car even though I paid for brand new. For $730 I had them change out the alternator and battery, but said no to the brakes. I just wanted my car to run and eff that to anything else they recommend. Clearly I can't trust them. So angry with this dealership. It's stressful enough to have to find other transportation and pay for the service, but then they perpetuate that stress with [non-perrmissible content removed] work. If the owner or manager is curious to look up my service, my invoice numbers are 955995 and 958186. I already put a review on Dealer Rater. I am not stopping with Yelp, either.

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sales Rating

Great new car buying experience

byheather20on 04/29/2008

I bought a 2008 Mustang V6 though the internet sales department. I was a little wary of the process but it turned out to be truly painless. I initially requested several internet quotes from multiple dealerships via the Edmunds website. Courtesy Ford provided the information I requested and was very responsive to my needs prior to me going into the dealership. They respected my request to communicate via email, and did not call me multiple times a day like some of the other dealerships I requested quotes from. I already knew the make/model of the car I wanted going into the dealership which made things easier. When I arrived at the dealership, a salesperson did walk up to me right away, but I just explained I was there to see my internet sales contact and they took me to meet him. The only thing I had yet to decide, was whether I wanted an automatic or manual transmission. After test-driving an automatic I explained this to the internet sales rep who then offered to let me take a manual home overnight to drive. I appreciated this and I feel like they really went out of their way to make sure I was buying the best car for me. I never felt pressured or like they were trying to pull one over on me. Once I decided to buy the car ( I decided on the manual) they didn't try to add a bunch of dealer add-ons or pressure me into any extended warranties etc. They also knew I had done my homework which is always a benefit. I recommend working with the internet sales department if possible, as I'm not sure whether my experience would have been different if I just walked on the lot. I didn't have a trade-in, so I'm not sure whether that would have changed my opinion at all. Also, this dealership partners with Costco which got me below invoice (not including the additional factory rebate) which was well below what Edmunds quoted as the TMV price for the car I bought. Overall I was very happy with my experience at this dealership and would recommend them to anyone! Plus - free oil changes for life (you just have to buy the filter)!

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sales Rating

Avoid this place!

byitzbob701on 02/29/2008

One word for Courtesy Ford - incompetent. I requested help figuring out the payoff on a vehicle leased through them, they got it wrong and it cost me over $500.00 for a vehicle I turned in 2 weeks ago. Time to get a promised payment from them back to me... I don't know as I haven't received it yet. They screwed up the license fees costing me more money out of pocket. To their credit the sales manager did call me back, to tell me that I was out of luck but if my girlfriend wanted to buy a vehicle they would give her a "really good deal". No thanks, the license screw up was the final straw. I gave up an'05 F-150 and got an '08 Ranger to save gas. They didn't have the truck I wanted and drove it 150 miles rather than send a 3/4 ton or 1 ton with a trailer to pick it up so I ended up with a new truck with miles on it. This was the 4th vehicle I have purchased or leased there since 1993 so you would think given that, that I change vehicles every 3 years or so and the fact that my credit is excellent that they would try harder to get it right.

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