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Customer Reviews of Porsche Beaverton

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Why we didn't buy an Audi...

by fivefunks on 11/17/2013

After reading all of the positive online reviews, I think we may have run into the only arrogant sales person at the dealership. Unfortunately, our experience helped us decided that we would not be buying an Audi and that the Acura would work better for our family. At some point, it seemed the sales person decided that he didn't want to sell us a car and he just wanted to get us off his lot. The clincher in us deciding not to purchase an Audi was when we asked if we could take the car for a test drive and his response was, "Well, is this car in your price range?" and then continued to tell us he could only go down in price about $1,500 because after that the dealership just doesn't make any money. That concluded our visit and I gave him the keys.

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  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Not Applicable
5 out of 5 starssales Rating

Our best car buying experienece!

by al2travel on 01/03/2013

My wife purchased a Porsche 911 from Sunset back in November 2012 and we were very impressed with the care and treatment we received from ALL members of their team. From their sales rep Nick, to the sales and finance dept personnel we encountered, all seemed to genuinely appreciate our business and made the process very painless! So much so in fact that we will certainly consider them for our next car purchase. I would definitely recommend Sunset Porsche and Sales Rep. Nick R. to any prospective Porsche purchaser!

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  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Yes
1 out of 5 starssales Rating

So disrespectful. Awful, awful expereince.

by uakate on 11/28/2011

My husband and I had the displeasure of dealing with Sunset Audi this weekend. Despite all the horror stories we had heard and being warned against dealing with Sunset by our close friends, we decided to give them a chance and judge for ourselves - and boy, was everybody right. We initially met and worked with a VERY nice young man named Ryan Crooks. He was knowledgable and very informative. We found a car that seemed to fit our needs perfectly and Ryan was helpful in giving us the information we needed to make an informed decision. After deliberating overnight, we decided to return to Sunset to start the process. Completely versed in the "typical" cay buying experience, we were fully prepared to go back and forth negotiating a mutually beneficial price on the CPO 2009 A5. As smart and rational buyers, we did our homework and came prepared. After what seemed to be a fruitless negotiation initially, we were introduced to the floor manager, Dan Fajardo - who was by far the RUDEST and most DISRESPECTFUL salesperson I have ever encountered in my life. Within 5 minutes he managed to yell at us, accuse us of lying about the terms of the previous lease on the vehicle (even though we had paperwork and a car fax to prove otherwise), cut us off mid-sentence and get up and walk out of the conversation. I have never felt so degraded and demeaned in my life. There are not enough appropriate words to accurately convey how completely awful Dan and the whole experience was. It seems that at Sunset Audi, if you don't fit the "luxury car" persona, you don't deserve the time of day. Needless-to-say we will never set foot in Sunset again. We will be taking our money and our business to Seattle and purchasing a car from University Audi. I encourage anyone else in the area to do the same.

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  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? No
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Not Applicable
2 out of 5 starssales Rating


by sondu51 on 04/22/2009

Not recommended! First experience with this dealer was really bad. I went to test drive till then it was good but after the drive I asked for pricing sales person was not interested to discuss. It seems he didn't want to waste his time as I was not ready to drive the car on the same evening. Though I stressed to ask him he was not interested. As I just moved here I don't have car and he saw me walking to the dealership, so he assumed I'm not the customer who is going to buy the audi. I did not asked him many Qs as I did my research that may be the other possible reason but in this tough time if you don't want to sell the car then your next in line with GM and Ford.

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  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? No
4.3 out of 5 starssales Rating

Buying a new Porsche

by okokman on 11/01/2007

About ten years ago I went into Sunset Porsche Audi, one of two Porsche dealerships in Oregon, to see and sit in the then new Porsche Boxster. I was greeted by a salesman, and as I looked around, I noticed there were no Boxsters in sight. In fact, the only Porsche in the showroom was a very nice "previously owned" 911.The salesman confirmed that they didn't have any Boxsters in stock, but said, as he walked away, the he would be happy to put my name on their six month waiting list. Since that time, Porsche has encouraged their dealers to build stand alone showrooms... and a lot changed at Sunset Porsche Audi. I visited Sunset Porsche to see and sit in their new Cayman, the Boxster coupe, in early 2006. The dealership did have a CaymanS, but it was on loan and not for sale until after the official release date. The salesman told two of us gawkers that the suspension blocks used in transporting the car had not been removed as per instructions from Porsche, but we could sit in the car and the salesman offered to start the engine for us. I was given a brochure and all my questions were answered. To make a long story shorter, I came back several times to Sunset Porsche. I drove the car and looked at several. Finally I asked the salesman to find me a CaymanS with certain options and a particular color, Seal Gray metallic, that had been discontinued by Porsche. They found my car in Colorado and I committed to buy it. I requested and received a modest discount from the sticker price, but more important to me, I obtained the car with the options and in the color I desired. Additional optional equiptment was installed to my specifications for little additional cost to me. I have had two issues with the car and the dealership fixed the problems in a timely manner at no expense to me. I have no hesitation recommending the people at Sunset Porsche to anyone interested in a new or used Porsche.

  • Recommend this dealer? Yes
  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes
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