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avoid these guys at all cost

byjinsequaon 08/09/2017

Had an appointment made to fix my second windshield, get recall work and get the key fob all fixed under warranty. Three days prior to my June appointment, I called to confirm my appointment with Mark Thomas Hyundai. Upon arrival at my 8:00 am appt. .....the following happened: I was informed that Mark Thomas no longer was a Hyundai franchise and that they would not cover any warranty or recall work. The service rep then condescendingly denied I had ANY appointment and treated me like I was an idiot until I started naming off who I had talked with and who had confirmed my appointment. They agreed to do the warranty work on the windshield and the recall work as well. They had the vehicle from 8:00 am until I received a call at 4:30 PM from a windshield company (not even from Mark Thomas Hyundai) and they stated that they would not be able to get to my vehicle windshield until close to 4 weeks after my appointment and wanted to know if I was going to come get my vehicle.. They took 8.5 hours just to tell me they could not fix my vehicle for another month and it wasn't even Mark Thomas calling me. Upon my arrival, they had not even attempted the recall work. When I picked up my vehicle (still not fixed) from Mark Thomas Hyundai, I objected to the poor service I was receiving under the warranty. I objected that they didn't even have the politeness to call me when they knew hours earlier. I objected to the fact that they denied I even had made an appointment. Their only response was to try and get me to walk outside so customers couldn't hear that they were providing sub-standard warranty service. They ignored my complaints, offered no resolution, and as the the final insult, they finally said to me: "We aren't going to fix your car.windshield, we have determined it is a rock chip and not a defect. We are not Hyundai anymore......cry to them." This is despite their telling me it was a factory defect in the morning and despite the fact that the crack was in the same exact spot (middle, starting under the seal) as the one they fixed earlier under the warranty. The recall work was not even attempted. They dropped me like a hot potato once they had sold the franchise. They purposefully set my appointment for after the sale of the franchise so they could avoid responsibility for any repairs. They purposefully set my appointment the day before my warranty ran out so I had no recourse for repair at their cost. They did look at my key fob and said it was a dead battery which they replaced. The key fob promptly died the next day again and I have no recourse under the expired warranty.....another $100 out of my pocket that shouldn't be.I ended up with real financial damages due to Mark Thomas Hyundai's failure to honor the warranty and provide service. Lost wages, lost time driving 60 miles, spent an entire day in a city an hour away from my house, and I ended up having to fix the windshield at my expense.I ended up with no warranty service, no new windshield, no working key fob and an expired warranty the next day with all parties at 2 Hyundai dealerships denying ANY responsibility for the service that was arranged while the vehicle was under warranty. I got the impression that Mark Thomas just strung me along until the franchise closed for the day simply to cause my warranty to expire and absolve them of responsibility. Mark Thomas Hyundai made my appointment on the last day prior to the warranty running out simply so they could evade doing any service on the vehicle and they knew when they made the appointment the franchise was being sold and they could just wash their hands of me. I believe they actively chose not to do the recall work, I still have not received the recall work either and am driving a potentially dangerous vehicle as a result. Shady business tactics all around. Potentially illegal and possibly incurring liability upon Mark Thomas for my time and trouble. I would go elsewhere. I will be filing complaints with the state of Oregon and the Feds. Avoid Hyundai and especially avoid Mark Thomas

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sales Rating

GMC Acadia

by1stAcadiaon 02/29/2016

We shopped around and did a lot of research before deciding which SUV we wanted to own. The salesman gave us one offer up front that was a fair price. There was a pricing issue when we went to pick up the car due to a rebate program being cancelled by GM but the dealership still honored their price and we bought the car. They were very helpful and stayed late to complete the walk around. It was one of the easiest transactions we have had buying cars.

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  • Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Yes
sales Rating

Buick Encore preview

byjemarcecon 11/10/2014

I visited Mark Thomas Motors in October and spoke to Martin Blackburn about Buicks and GMC models. I found Martin very helpful and attentive. He provided me with all the information I requested and more. He did an excellent job of determining our needs and wants and providing solutions. I would recommend Martin to all shopping for a Buick or GMC. I am also pleased with all my interaction with Mark Thomas Motors, having purchased a car there six years ago, as well as with the service department which I have visited several times.

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sales Rating

Great Car, Great Price, Great Sales

bybc25on 10/22/2014

On our first visit, we met the sales person and he showed us his inventory that met our needs. He explained his answers to our questions and let us decide. He was very polite and let us make up our own minds. He then helped us with making the transition into our new car. I'm going back there next time for sure. Thanks to Martin Blackburn and everyone we met at Mark Thomas Motors.

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