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Dodge Charger Dissapoinment

byCarbuyeron 06/15/2018

I recently bought a 2014 Dodge Charger from Buckeye Superstore, and I will not take my business back there again. Be careful when dealing with these guys, and don’t take their word for anything. I would recommend getting a private inspection of your vehicle before finalizing any purchase with this dealership, or simply take your business elsewhere. If your experience is anything like mine, they will not disclose any discrepancies in the vehicle unless you discover them yourself, and once you pull off the lot, you are on your own. I found the vehicle online, and I called the dealership to inquire about the vehicle prior to making the trip. During my inquiry, I specifically asked if there were any problems with the vehicles, if anything was inoperable, and if there were any issues with the vehicle that I should know about before making the trip to see it. I was told that the vehicle is in exceptional condition, all maintenance was performed at the dealership, everything is in good working order, and the car was in all around excellent condition. I set an appointment to go see the vehicle, and when I arrived for my appointment, I was directed to a salesman’s desk where I waited, for no less than 20 minutes, to be acknowledged while the salesman was on the phone. I then went on a test drive, gave the vehicle a good look over, and asked the salesman the same questions about the vehicle. He assured me the vehicle was in good condition, and everything is in good working order. I made the decision to purchase the vehicle, and after I informed my salesman that I had already gotten pre-approval for a loan thru my bank with a very good interest rate, and I had all the applicable forms/paperwork to complete the transaction, I spent the next hour or so declining financing offers while they tried to convince me of the benefits of taking their higher interest rates. I made it very clear that I was not interested in any offer that was not a better rate than the financing that I already had arranged, but they were very persistent that they could not make the transaction happen that day without a certified check from my bank. Basically they were trying to convince me that I HAD to use dealership financing, or I could not get the vehicle that day. Being an experienced vehicle buyer who has used my own financing several times in the past, I knew that this was not the case, and they were determined to get me to take their loan offer because they get a referral fee. I then, after declining all the financing offers that were presented to me, was directed to the person who handles all the paperwork associated with the final transaction. I was told to take a seat, and someone would be with me shortly. After waiting for two hours with my three year old son in the waiting area, I was finally called back to the office to sign papers. I was presented with yet another financing offer, which I initially declined. After declining the offer in favor of using my own financing, I was told that I really needed to take the offer or it was going to be very difficult to complete the transaction. Annoyed and ready to leave after spending the last 4 hours at the dealership with my son who was equally as ready to leave, I reluctantly accepted the dealership financing. I felt as if I was bullied and tricked into taking the dealer financing, but I was ready to be done with my experience there. I then left the dealership and stopped at the gas station to grab a drink for my drive home. When I got out of the gas station, I tried to use my remote start, but it didn’t work. I immediately called my salesman, and he assured me that it “just worked” and he told me that his mechanic had gone home so I could call him Monday to get it the situation resolved. After getting home, I realized that the rear taillight unit had portions of the lights that were not working. On Monday I texted my salesman several times, as he requested and informed him of the issues that I had with the vehicle, but got no response. On Tuesday, I got a response and had a phone call with my salesman. During the call, I was told that he was doing everything he could do to make things right, but his manager was out, and he would call me back the next day. Wednesday and Thursday passed with no response and my messages to him were being ignored. It’s now Friday and I am leaving this review to save others from having the same encounter that I had. I spent a good amount of money on a nice, newer vehicle. Now, instead of being able to enjoy the excitement of the purchase, I’m looking at replacing a $400-$500 light bar and a remote starter that who knows how much will cost just to have the basic options of remote start and the basic safety feature of working tail lights. This is on a vehicle that I was assured was in good working order with no issues. There is zero chance they didn’t know about these problems, but they are my problems now. Thanks Buckeye Superstore for the worst car buying experience I’ve had to date. I won’t make the mistake of giving you my business again.

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Quality Service Experience at Buckeye Chrysler Dodge

byTrainmanNEOon 09/26/2016

Took my 2016 Grand Caravan in to check on some vibrations in suspension. Personnel greeted me and showed me their waiting lounge. Within 20 minutes I was given information that provided much needed assurances about the origins of the vibrations. Tight suspension on these new vehicles. They did a multi faceted check on all systems, topped off all fluids and we did a test drive with one of their techs. No charge. Impressed with their service department. Thanks

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