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Dose not stand behind what they sell.

byjohnny4on 05/02/2018

I purchased a 2011 Buick from them and at the time the salesman automatically put a extra NVP warranty that was $1295.00 on top of the cars price. When they were doing the financing I looked at the NVP warranty and questioned it but the salesman convince me that it was a really good thing and I thought maybe it's a good idea because it is a seven year old car. So I went ahead and purchase the car. 5 months later the check engine light came on and then the next day it was out again. I thought maybe the gas cap was loose or something. I continue to drive it. A week or so went by and it came back on again and the owners manual says that if the light is on steady and emission control system malfunction has been detected and the vehicle diagnostic and service might be required then it says the first thing to do is check the fuel cap is fully tightened. I thought well maybe there's something going on with it so I did what the owner's manual said and talk to somebody to have it looked at professionally. I contacted Spitzer Mitsubishi and talk to the service manager there and he said it would probably be better if I took it to a Buick dealer in which I did schedule an appointment and towed the car to the Buick dealer. The dealer said the timing chain guides broke and that's what caused the check engine light to come on. I contacted Spitzer and told them they contacted the NVP warranty Company. The warranty company said because I drove it after the check engine light came on and went out that they were not going to cover the warranty. Spitzer refuses to do anything about it either. So now I'm stuck with a car that I still owe money on that doesn't run at all unless I pay for the repairs out of my own pocket. The NVP warranty they sold me is absolutely useless. It even specifies in the paperwork that they'll do timing chain repairs. I would not recommend these people to anybody because it's been nothing but grief for me. Spitzer Mitsubishi refuses to do anything else about it. The Buick dealer told me that most likely the timing chain guide problem was present when I bought the vehicle from Spitzer, obviously a company that does not stand behind what they sell and doesn't give a dang about the little guy buying their cars. I've had the car for about 5 months and 6400 miles. And now it's going to cost me thousands to repair. I feel like I've been ripped off.

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sales Rating

Horrible experience

byJimmustacheon 12/26/2013

Recently test drove a used vehicle here. Upon starting the car the "check engine" light stayed on, and the engine was extremely loud. The car felt completely unsafe. The salesman was clearly embarassed by the poor selection of rusted and dented cars that was the inventory to choose from. The vehicles were priced hundreds of dollars over the "retail" kelly blue book price. Unbelievable. The sales manager would not deal. Wow! and made a comment to me that his prices were still the lowest out of anyone around.....wow! No basic common courtesy for the customer at all. Deplorable customer service from the top management here. I bought a new car here 2 years ago and had an awesome experience. I will never buy anything here again.

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