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Horrible Experience

by kylercl on 09/13/2017

DO NOT BUY FROM DELLA! Let me explain... I went to Della on a Monday with a vehicle picked out. I showed up to the dealership, checkbook and title for trade-in in hand. I was the eager buyer you're not supposed to be. For a trade-in which Kelly Blue Book valued at $10,000, I was offered $7200. I fully understand that rarely, if ever, are you going to get what KBB rates your vehicle. I attempted to negotiate but the manager, Terry, refused to budge, only upping is offer to $7500, which was insulting. I caught Terry in a couple lies: (1) He said they wouldn't be able to sell my vehicle because of the high mileage (85,000), when in fact he has similar vehicles on the lot with significantly higher mileage (100,000+), and (2) He said my car would not go for much more than $7500 at auction but could not produce one single piece of evidence to support that claim. Because the salesman Mike was actually kind and helpful, I phoned back the next day and worked out a tentative deal for a different vehicle. I showed up to inspect the vehicle and was surprised to find it had what I considered flaws: (1) Dents and scratches to front bumper and rear bumper (2) interior upholstery stairs (3) Corroded / rusted sliding door (4) Interior defects to cup holder , and (5) and significant tire wear (6/32) in rear tires. This vehicle was price higher than the KBB average and I asked for some play in the price. Mark and Terry bother refused to budge on the sales price by a single penny, but magically were able to offer $8500 for my trade. They refused to throw in all weather matts instead or even rear ties. Nothing. No negotiating in good faith. Only no's. I am a foster parent and because my family is expecting another baby in our family from foster care, we needed a van immediately; Terry and Mark knew this and exploited my situation, no doubt. Della Honda is the only Honda dealership within hours, and because of the lack of competition, they're able to squeeze their customers and not negotiate in good faith. I have purchased multiple cars, mainly Subaru's, and have never left with a new vehicle feeling so disgusted If there was any way I could have waited I would have but again, desperate for van to hold my growing family, I was forced to make a preposterously bad deal. I will never return to this dealership for anything. Not only will I not recommend it to anyone, I am going it make an effort to post this negative review on as many sites as possible and spread the word about their shady business practices. Mark and Terry should be ashamed of themselves and the dealership they represent.

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