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Customer Reviews of Porsche of Larchmont

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by Beware Distance Buyers on 06/12/2020

For distance buyers considering using Porsche Larchmont… take caution! A 911 has always been on my bucket list since I was a little kid and ultimately began my pursuit of “just the right one” about a year and a half ago. Finding the right 911 is part of the fun and my tolerance to new-car depreciation led me to search for the perfect certified preowned version. I found the right one at Porsche Larchmont in New York and being in St. Louis, began to pursue a relationship with the dealer. After becoming comfortable with the state of the vehicle, the dealer and I cosigned a deal cementing my dream. Or so I thought. At this point, the dealer began behaving weirdly… they didn’t take the car down from their website, all the paperwork had wrong values, there were extraordinary delays in sending material to sign (weeks), and then they ultimately suggested that Porsche Finance wouldn’t approve the deal unless I signed in person. Normally this would be no problem and I would fly there, however with COVID, flights were limited and I was risk adverse to traveling to the New York COVID hotspot. None of this made sense to me so I ended up calling both Porsche Cars North America and Porsche Finance’s support line to get clarity on the situation. Both asserted that they do NOT require in-person signing and in the COVID environment are actually encouraging remote documentation signatures. I also talked to several other Porsche dealerships in the New York and St. Louis areas and they corroborated Porsche Cars North America and Porsche Finances’ policy. After addressing with the Larchmont Sales Manager Slywester and my Sale Associate Greg, they continued to deny the Porsche Finance’s policy. They ultimately stopped responding to my various communications looking for clarity on the situation even though we had cosigned the deal. I later found out that they had a more lucrative local buyer lined up and were doing everything they could to get me to go away without saying it, up to and including breaching the contract that we had jointly signed and is legally binding in the state of New York. Not only is this unethical and illegal, but it betrayed my trust that I thought we established remotely and that I expected of a car manufacture of this caliber. My hope is that others don’t suffer the same unfortunate experience that I had and I’d be happy to email directly with others to share all the data I’ve captured justifying my experience. Larchmont has shattered my faith in Porsche Dealerships and certainly has me reconsidering my bucket list.

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sales Rating

Most rude salesperson I every spoke to ....insulting and demeaning

by carfan33 on 10/14/2018

I submitted an online inquiry for lease and pre-owned cars - first question I get asked (very rude tone right from start) was my budget - not knowing Porsche price range - I shared what I am currently paying for my BMW/Acura etc. - he starts ridiculing saying I am two leagues below and Porsche is not for me ..very, very insulting tone that I never experienced before ..and ended the conversation quick ….when I called back to ask his name - he said he will send an email and hung up …..the phone number that this person called from was [contact info removed] on Oct 14, 2018 just 10-15 mins before noon. Whether I end up buying Porsche or another brand - I would never ever suggest anyone to pursue this dealership - they seem to be very discriminating based on who you are/how you sound etc. Unbelievable that people like this are hired by some of the top car brands in this world.

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sales Rating

A long search came to an end.

by finallya911 on 11/28/2017

I purchased a 2014 Porsche 911 from Larchmont in November 2017. I had been looking for the right car (at the right price - visited many dealerships in the mid-Atlantic region) for about a year until I came across this car at Porsche of Larchmont. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Gary Minsky, a very knowledgeable Porsche Sales consultant and Brand Ambassador who made my purchase a relaxing, stress-free event. After the test drive (day after Thanksgiving), there was no pressure to buy, but rather a comfortable chat about the car. Gary asked if there was any other information I needed after which we parted ways. A few days later, I decided to call Gary and purchase the car. A mutually acceptable deal was made very quickly and Gary helped me through the paperwork with ease and also helped set up transport to my home (thanks Ray). Compared to some of the (arrogant or ignorant) Porsche Sales consultants in the DC/VA area that I dealt with in the past, Gary is in a class of his own. I highly recommend contacting him without any reservations.

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Good buying experience; responsive customer service

by myporsche on 12/28/2008

Bought an '06 C2S with 15k miles. A week later, the battery died. Although it was a pre-owned certified, Pepe was not under any obligation to cover a 3 year old battery. Who knows how well the prior owner maintained it, given the low 3 year mileage. They agreed, however, to cover the cost of the new battery. The experience with this dealer has been very pleasant.

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