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Total travesty in automotive sales.

byKingSk8on 06/22/2018

This used car dealer advertised a 2011 Audi S4, but I had to contact the dealer for the price of the vehicle. I was able to contact the dealer and they were happy to invite me into the dealership, but did not want to disclose the price over the phone. Alright I set up a road test and was surprised to see that the vehicle was in pretty decent shape. To make a long story short, I was coming from a total loss and was waiting on my funds to ascertain the next car. That's when things got hairy, for the lack of a better term. Road test was fine, but everything else from discussing the price of the car, to the downpayment, took the event from typical to piss poor. All I can say is that I had done my research and I knew what I was going to pay for the vehicle. The sales manager, per the salesperson priced the car at $22995, some $5000 above wholesale and they told me he had to wait until the vehicle hit the system in order to price the car any lower........... I gave the sales manager $17500, a number where I felt I was comfortable enough to make a deal. I couldn't have made this sale any easier. This [non-permissible content removed] shrugged me off as if he had no time for me because I had no downpayment. I called the salesperson 2 days later to tell him I had the downpayment for the deal and he told me to come down. Subsequently, I had a government check for $1500 that they would not accept unless I went down to the check cashing place to cash it. Even with that the cash, I wound up not taking the car, because they were worried about a gap snafu, that was being handled. In any event, I went up to a dealership that eventually financed an A4, but with less hassle and a lot more tact. I would never trust anyone to go to this dealership, even if it was a cash deal!

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