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byStealshipon 03/18/2018

Extremely shady dealership, essepcially for being an official Chevrolet dealership. [non-permissible content removed] They know that many of the Silverado trucks they're selling have manufacture issues from the factory but "act stupid" and attempt to pin the issues on the buyer; That's precisely what happened to me. I paid nearly $50,000 for a "top of the line" High Country Silverado and within the first 3 months of ownership, there was water leaking into my interior and consistent road vibration that I was told was "absolutely normal" -- It looks like a Cadillac and drives like a POS -- Worst truck I've EVER purchased, and they weren't willing to touch it, never mind refund me my $50,000! Absolute nightmare of a company; The "managers" have no concern for their customers. Kiley, who is above management, acts nice on the phone but she just wants you to stop calling the dealership and "move along" -- As for their service department -- Also a bunch of shady people who refuse to comment at all or suggest resolutions because of liability and promises they can't keep. After about 4 months of headaches, one of their sales managers pulled me in beyond closed doors in a back office to tell me "we're done." and that "I needed to leave immediately" -- PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I GOT SCREWED ABOUT $15,000+ AND STILL NO RESOLUTIONS, 6+ MONTHS LATER!

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Best Dealership I Have Ever Used

bySSGRichDAVon 06/08/2016

I have never worked with a dealership that was more concerned with meeting the needs of their customers. This is the FIFTH vehicle I have purchased form Ron Currier's Hilltop Chevrolet. If you are planning the purchase of a vehicle I definitely recommend you visit Hilltop Chevy and give them a chance to help you out.

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Never to return...

by1CUSTon 07/21/2013

I recently visited this dealership with the intention of trading my vehicle in for a new one. The new vehicle had an asking price of $53,200. While I began the negotiating process with the sales guy, one of the sales managers began reviewing my car. I offered $50,000 for the new car - a very reasonable offer for this vehicle. I hoped this might eliminate the back and forth, lengthy negotiation that can sometimes go on with dealers. I had done my homework...this offer was true market value - approx $1,000 over invoice and they were getting holdback. The average trade in value of my car (according to KBB) is $32,580 and the retail is $38,250. I brought printouts of two of the exact same make, model, year, and package listed on AutoTrader...both had even more miles and were listed for $37,599 and $38,900, respectively. My sales guy seemed especially interested in my payoff, not the actual trade in value of the car. That was the first red flag. Next, he told me that he had the same vehicle (that I was interested in) as a dealer demo that he could sell me for $50,000. The dealer demo was used and I know these vehicles well enough to know that it was probably worth $45k or less. I told him that was only interested in the new model. About that time, the sales manager came back with his offer on my vehicle - $14,000 - 57% less than the actual trade-in value. I thought this must be a mistake - there were several other customers in the dealership at the time so I assumed they had my car confused with someone else's. There was no mistake...the sales manager actually said " wholesale me, I'm gonna wholesale you." I was floored. This is the type of interaction that puts buyers on edge when they visit a dealership. I received my keys and registration and walked out the door...never to return.

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