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bybmarie311on 02/25/2018

If I could give this place zero stars and still write a review I would. I purchased a van from these [non-permissible content removed] less than a year ago. I immediately had problems with them since they didn't give the van a proper inspection before I purchased, which I didn't find out until I went to get my tags. The DMV pulled up the law which states any vehicle that has been previously inspected before purchase needs to be RE-INSPECTED at the time of purchase. In reference to the information I received from the DMV, they stated 'That is not the law, I know the law'- which came from the mouth of their head technician. They offered to re-inspect the van free of charge. The inspection took less than 15 minutes, which included the driving time for them to physically get to the place they had it inspected. I should have trusted my gut and took it to another TRUSTED place for inspection because surprise surprise...It did not pass!! I continued to have problems in the weeks following my purchase, which they contacted me and offered to fix. They told me they inspected the brakes among other things and proceeded to tell me everything was fine. I began to have terrible problems with my brakes immediately after they "fixed" the problems. I had to take it into a shop. The shop proceeds to tell me this van looks like it's been sitting for months and that not only are there no brake pads, the ball joint is rusted completely out, and my rotors are complete junk and there is NO WAY this passed an inspection, which is crazy because the manager MIKE assured me the brakes had been inspected and were fine. That's not even the best part!! I bought a $1,700 warranty, But imagine that, it doesn't cover damage from pre-existing problems and your van has to be BROKEN DOWN completely for it to even qualify for coverage. We have put into this van almost as much as we paid for it just in the 10 months we've had it! We are a small family, new to this area and they did us as dirty as anyone can. The worst part is, we had our 2 small children with us when we purchased the van so they knew we needed a safe car for them. THESE ARE THE WORST KIND OF PEOPLE!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, you will be forever fixing your car. I hope this helps a family from getting ripped off as we have! I'll be spreading the word to every single person who asks where a good place to get a car is. No family deserves this crap!

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