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09 CTS

bygregorybauron 03/24/2018

I bought a 09 Cadillac CTS from what I thought was a reputable Cadiallac dealership and not from a corner lot. Within 2 weeks I had as engine light come on, rear door locks not engaging and the windshield washer quit spraying. After weeks of calls and unanswered emails I final got an answer to bring it in and "lets see whats wrong". What I got was a bill for $120 for engine diagnostics and a estimate for $1700 for a tune and door lock repairs. All things that a reputable dealership would have noticed and fixed before placing this car for sale but apparently all your dealership did was wash it and put it on the lot. I havent even paid for registration yet and already have repairs needed. I would highly discourage any fellow veterans or public servants from buying anything used from your dealership but rather take their chances with Craigslist and avoid the " Cable Dahmer Difference". In their defense I did receive a call from some "customer service manager" a couple days later in response to my survey I posted. She stated she would like to find out what happened and get back to me in a couple of days, it has been close to a month now and still waiting. I also received some generic computer generated email about 1 a.m. telling me to call them so they can have a chance to turn my " negative experience" around. Your dealership has my number and can call me with how they would make my experience right. I only rated my experience at 1 star because that was the lowest I could pick from.

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