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bymarywalker_12on 02/06/2018

Buyers beware! This dealership is not honest and uses false advertising which is fraud to lure consumers. Once you get there, they increase the price. If this has happened to you, there are laws that protect you and you can contact an auto dealer fraud attorney. This is a sales tactic used by some dealerships and many people are not aware of it and fall into it. If you are looking for an honest dealership, stay away from this place!

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sales Rating

Buyer Beware

byRobertSanfordon 12/20/2017

Buyer Beware!!! Recently bought a car from Steve and Dave Mello. Sale went well but went downhill from there. 1. Windshield of car was broken and I was never notified. 2. Car was never cleaned off when picking up, therefore I didn’t know windshield was cracked. Windshield and car was covered in snow. 3. When I notified the salesman who left a couple minutes before I called him, he didn’t turn around and return to work to help me. I was forced to return to the dealership, document the situation and send an email to the salesmanager and sales associate because they were no where to be found. 4. I had to push both service and sales to do anything. They appear to be inexperienced or careless. Sales kept giving me the statement “well we work in mobile trailers right now, so everything is difficult.” Not my problem. 5. After 4 days, the windshield finally came in... so you would expect on the 5th day it would be installed... no. Pete in service for Hyundai never booked the glass installer and he wouldn’t be able to work on the car for another 3 days. 6. Seven days has passed and car hasn’t been inspected, therefore can’t be driven. Imperial sets up a rental for Saturday so I spend 2 hours out of my Saturday driving to the dealer, finding out the car they scheduled for me wasn’t there, waiting for Alisha to get a car and then driving home. 7. The car I purchased was an AWD Hybrid car with Nav. The only available car that Saturday was a non AWD vehicle that just made me feel more down about the situation and worried how this rental would do in the snow. 8. On the ninth day, after following up with service on the install of my windshield, only after I called was I notified that a part is missing for the install and it wouldn’t be finished. 9. After countless phone calls (22) to be exact, (5) emails and (10) days and dealing with sales and service my car was finally fixed. Yes, 10 days. 10. Please note I have several emails that went unanswered from the sales people. I would stay away from Imperial Hyundai and Dave Mello’s Team

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