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Deceptive Dealership - Bait and Switch Tactics on Vehicle Pricing

byrrrrrrr2on 12/04/2016

Deceptive advertising, even more deceptive "internet sales" reps. Looked online at their new vehicles, prices looked good with several rebates, etc. Called the dealer and got the internet sales rep and asked him about the "dealer cost" price listed on each vehicle, which he assured me was the selling price of the vehicle. Even filled out the "get a quote" section of the listing and sent it, and the response was an email that was not a quote at all, but rather told me the vehicle was "on sale" and if I want to stop in and drive it, just go see the sales manager. Drove an hour to get to the dealer, test drove vehicle, and was ready to drop a $20k down payment. The salesman made the standard visit to the manager, after which he came back with a new price on the vehicle, which was around $5000 MORE than the "dealer cost" displayed on their website. Then it was explained that I didn't qualify for the all of the rebates; (I had assumed that all rebates were pre-qualified since they were already deducted from the price of the vehicle, I guess that's my fault for making assumptions based on the advertised price shown in large numbers next to the vehicle listing). And the real kicker was a line item of $1500, added onto the "new" price of the vehicle, listed as "dealer profit" (also absent from the vehicle listing on the website). After confronting the manager about the this sham, he then recalculated the price of the vehicle based on getting all of the rebates, and gave me a new number that was STILL $3000 higher than the advertised price (and did not include the dealer conveyance of nearly $400, and taxes, and registration, etc.) Had they been upfront and explained the actual price of the vehicle, I might have been okay with it, but this was a classic case of the "bait and switch" tactic. Needless to say, I burned most of a day and $40 worth of gas for this shell game. I suggest that anyone who wants to deal with them to scrutinize the online prices carefully, and bypass the "internet sales" team, and then make the dealer pin down the actual price based on their list of rebates (and don't forget to add on the $1500 dealer profit) before you step foot in the door. (By the way... their showroom is absolutely amazing in size, memorabilia, and other items of interest; it must of cost a fortune to build.)

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