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Salesman Brian Spicer

by LawreenCamello on 03/26/2018

So I bought a 2014 Ford Focus from Brian Spicer about a month ago. I was told that this vehicle has transmission problem and that Ford has recall/extended warranty on this transmission problem. So I purchased the car drove it for few weeks and now the car is at a Ford Dealership because is undriveable. Ford diagnosed the car and told me that there is no warranty or recall for this particular model and that it will cost me around 1800 for parts and labor to fix this problem. They told me to call back to the dealership I purchased this vehicle from to seek for help. 1800 is a lot for someone like me, Im a part time college student and a full time nurse at John Hopkins and 1800 isnt easy for me to pay out of my pocket. So I called back to Affordable Auto Maryland and told them the situation and asked for help. Although it wasnt Brian Spicer who spoke to me but all I got from them was "there is nothing that we can do." This is a heads up for future buyers, do your research before you purchase any vehicles from this dealership. Cause in this business, not everything they tell you about the vehicle they're selling is true. Salesmen dont know what they're selling to people half of the time. They only care about the commission and their monthly goals. I guess this is a lesson for me but I dont wish this happen to anybody else. My job is to help people in need and this is all I can do for future buyers who are young and naive like me. BECAREFUL, best yet stay away from this place. Better to be save than sorry!

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