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just go to a real dealer.

bytristanon 12/14/2016

no. just. nope. just go to an actual dealership. so i saw a few bad reviews before going here, and the few good reviews i saw were mostly 'great service!!' or 'excellent car!!' which i kinda suspect if they were written by the people who work there themselves but...anyways before i went i emailed them about an suv since i live a bit away from the dealership. in reply they sent me a copy and pasted paragraph of, please stop by during business hours, etc. ok...? thanks? i asked specific questions and their idea of communication was to give me info i already found on the website, and they were rather brusque about it, as if how dare i inconvenience them with an email. but i still decided to give them a shot, as it looked like a place where a first time car buyer could find something cheap and local. i was wrong. i got there early afternoon and someone came out after about ten minutes. felt a little annoyed when the dealer sort of scoffed at the fact that i don't have the best job in the world. yes at the moment i'm in retail but within a month i have a full time recruiting job, and if need a car for the commute. i have excellent credit and was prepared to put 1000 bucks down as a deposit. i knew going into it that i might not get approved for financing, as i just moved to maryland and the seasonal job i have is full time but is only minimum wage. but again, i explained that i'm just looking for the job i'm starting in january. he proceeded to look down on me and assume the worst about my finances, that i was lying about my jobs, just being very rude and condescending. finally test drove the suv i was looking at, explained beforehand that haven't owned or driven a car in a year and i'd be rusty with the manual transmission. the [non-permissible content removed] goes full 'overbearing father teaching his teen to drive' mode. i am not an idiot. i know how to drive. i have driven all across the country and learned stick shift when i was fifteen. i have never been in a wreck. i have a spotless driving record. yes when i started i was cautious and took the parking lot a little slow, just getting my bearings. literally for the first forty five seconds i was a little late/jumpy on my shifting. then it all came back. the [non-permissible content removed] has his hands cemented on the dashboard and side handles, feet SLAMMING on the floorboards as if driving. i did not kill the engine. i did not jump out in front of anyone. i had a couple of sloppy transitions shifting. for like one minute. that is it. he acted like i was out to get us killed. i was not speeding and i never came close to another vehicle. i know how to drive. the entire way as i checked the brakes and the engine on various speeds, he kept remarking how lucky we were that the car is in good shape (because otherwise, moron as i apparently am, i would have gotten us killed). the car was making a strange rattling/whistling noise. he attributed that to how i was driving. there was nothing wrong with how i was driving at that point. he made fun of me when we got back in front of others, loudly, that he was surprised the engine didn't blow up and the tire tread didn't rub off. i was indescribably humiliated. he was looking down on me just because i am a kid and i'm poor. i've been doing cross country road trips for ten years with manual cars and don't have a single ticket. i am a very careful and conscientious driver. i am not a moron and i did not deserve to be shamed like that. anyways financing didn't go through, he tried to sell me on newer, lower mileage cars that the banks might approve. at this point i'm pretty sure i'll just buy from a private dealer all in cash, or another public dealer with a cosigner. but i was dumb and decided to see what they had to say. another family walked in and the guy (darren??) immediately attended to them. he told me to stick around and see if he could get another bank to help me, but then immediately ignored me. everyone did. no one would make eye contact or speak to me. i was there for three hours waiting on the guy to just 'quickly finish this deal'. he said that he felt bad that he had to do two clients at once but there were literally three other dealers around and no one even spoke to me. they treated me like the scum of the earth. finally it's about an hour till close and the family leaves with their new vehicle. he was actually polite and showed me a couple cars that he thought would go through with the bank. promised he'd call me the next day, of course i never heard back. didn't even shake my hand as i left, or thank me for my time, or apologise about the wait. every moment i spent there, people were dismissive, patronising, and supercilious towards me. anyways, ended up buying a kia at another dealer. to;dr: they're extremely unprofessional. cars are overpriced, won't negotiate on sale price. . if i'd have wanted to be humiliated, ignored, and shamed like this, i would have gone home for the holidays.

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sales Rating

Not dependable or trustworthy

byglensmith21on 11/10/2015

I purchased a 2013 Town and Country from Sports and Imports and I was promised that it had never been in an accident. They showed me a clean CarFax report. I was also promised that the Chrysler bumper to bumper warranty was still in place because the vehicle was only two years old. I know Sports and Imports is not in charge of this warranty but they used that information to get me to purchase. The warranty they offer at the dealership is a 50% parts and labor warranty for 30 days. I never would have agreed to that as my sole warranty. Two weeks after purchase, the transmission started acting up - slipping and jolting when putting it in drive. I took it to the Chrysler dealership (since it supposedly had the bumper to bumper) and they quickly told me that the car had definitely been in an accident and that anyone who inspects cars could definitely tell it was in an accident. There were many non-manufacturer replaced parts, paint spray all over the under side of the car, an after market support beam had been put in at an odd angle, and electrical wires had been disconnected and then duct taped to the underside of the vehicle. I did not notice any of these things when I test drove the vehicle and I asked to get the van inspected by someone I trusted before I bought it but the salesman told me they don't allow that (red flag). I asked Dennis what would happen if I bought the van and something ended up being wrong with it. He told me that if it was something major, they would "take care" of me. The van had low mileage, was promised to be accident free, and had a bumper to bumper warranty so I bought it anyway. Chrysler also told me that someone had done a terrible job of taking the transmission pan off and putting it back on and it was leaking transmission fluid. They showed me all the signs that showed the van had been in an accident, told me that the warranty would not cover the damage since it was not normal wear and tear, and charged me $650 to fix the transmission pan and leak. Sports and Imports said I could bring the van back to them and they would fix it for 50% parts and labor. I opted not to use that warranty since I don't trust them now and did not want to give them anymore of my money. Upon my first call to Sports and Imports, I told them I wanted to revoke acceptance of the van and I wanted a refund since it was marketed as an accident free van with a year left on the bumper to bumper warranty. I think they knew the van was damaged and sold it to me as if it was in perfect condition. The owner, Gus, refused me and told me that the only thing he would do is have his mechanics look at it for 50% of the cost of parts and labor. I have no idea what else will end up being damaged on the vehicle and I don't feel safe driving it but Sports and Imports denies responsibility and refuses to do anything to make the situation right. As a customer, they did not care about me once I signed the purchase papers. I figured the least they would offer is to fix the transmission pan free of charge since it was broken and leaking when I bought the van and they never should have sold it in that condition. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. The salesmen were extremely friendly while I looked at the vehicle and they really push their "family owned" roots. They made me feel like I could trust them. Gus, the owner, came over and shook my hand when I finished signing the papers and told me congratulations. I felt great driving off the lot. It was all an act and once I left that dealership they could care less what's wrong with the vehicle. Now I'm stuck with a van that's worth much less than what I paid for it (due to the accident) and who knows what else is going to end up going wrong with it. I have to get a lawyer now to try to get my money back and I will never again buy a used car without getting it inspected by someone I trust.

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sales Rating


bykrnemethon 12/19/2014

Do not buy from this dealership. The vehicle I was sold now has a blown transmission from long-term abuse. I've had the vehicle for 2 months and put less than 2,000 miles on it; this wasn't caused by me, and the information should have been caught by their mechanic and disclosed to the prospective buyer. I requested they extend the dealership warranty and help me cover 50% of the repair costs, which they refused. They said they would allow me to purchase the extended warranty, but only if their mechanic confirmed there was a transmission issue. This option would wind up costing me more than the $3,000 my mechanic quoted for the repairs, plus I'd have to pay for the car to be towed to their mechanic, and why on earth would I trust their mechanic when he said this car of fit to be sold in the first place? They are shady, unprofessional, and judging by the fact that they refused to communicate with me regarding the repairs of an exhaust hose (an repair agreed to prior to my purchase of the vehicle), they apparently don't hold women in high regard. Look elsewhere for a vehicle.

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