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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Terrible service and [non-permissible content removed]

by Kyle D on 04/18/2021

Truly a terrible experience. Waited over an hour (after scheduling an appointment to see a specific car) before anyone even acknowledged me. Finally was able to meet with someone, but they had to bring the car over from another lot so I had to wait again. When the brought it was dirty, had hardly been cleaned, back seats were sticky. I was assured if I bought it would all be cleaned. Test drove the car, it was what I was looking for. So we went inside to discuss financing. We agreed on a price, they gave me a financing offer. All seemed well. Only issue was the car (a used Kia Soul) had Car Shield stickers placed on the doors to prevent scratching - despite the fact that the car was already scratched. Ed, the manager, said they couldn't take them off and added $500 for them. I decided to move forward anyway. Met with the financing person, she was very nice. Told me they were able to get me an even lower APR than Ed had told me before. Sounded great. We went over a few things and I signed all the papers, took the keys, and went to see my newly cleaned car. The car was cleaner, but left a lot to be desired. Oh well, I thought, it's over with and I've got what I came for. Later, when I looked over all my papers, I began to realize they changed everything from the offer I had agreed to. They raised the price of the car. Added on $1200 in accessories? What accessories? I have no idea. I was charged nearly $2000 over what we had agreed on - a lot extra on a $7700 car - not even including the car shield stickers. I'm very patient - I was willing to over look almost everything and assume it was just an off/busy day for them - but they knowingly fudged the numbers on our agreement thinking I wouldn't notice because I'm a first time buyer. When we've called to discuss they told us they had to raise the price in order to finance it for me - but if they couldn't finance it for the amount we agreed on I wouldn't have taken the car. Who is running this place? It's completely unacceptable. I'm beyond frustrated and upset. They've taken every bad thing you'd expect from a dealership and then multiplied it. Do not waste your time - go somewhere else. It is not worth the frustration. I will now have to continue to see if there's any way to get back to original offer we had agreed upon.

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Total [non-permissible content removed]

by NP on 03/23/2021

Total (dealer additional option) scam. They added clear shield, free oil change for life ( 13 years worth at Jiffy lube at 2 times a year) , anti theft etc for over $10,000 over the advertised price and when I called them out they agreed to remove the all the fees, but not without a lot of arguing. Then they had us wait for the paperwork forever as we were going to pay it with a check and come back when the check cleared (even this was an issue and they wanted us to sign a finance agreement until the check cleared). This was cleared by the their boss in front of us with the sales manager present. While waiting for a long time for them to bring the purchase agreement we heard a another customer in next kiosk talking about purchasing the same vehicle. When my wife confronted the sales manager he told us they were now not removing the invisible clear shield fee (Scam). This fee was not on the online advertisement or on a separate vehicle additional sticker as legally required. They only brought it to our attention when we were ready to make the final deal and pay.They insisted that this DAO fee was clearly posted on the advertisement - which it was not. When I showed them the Ad and asked for them to produce the ad with this condition they produced something that did not have anything to do with this. It also seemed like they were string us along as the other customer was trying to decide between two cars which one of them was the one we had agreed to buy already. They were making us wait just in case the other customer decided on the other vehicle and they could sell us the one we wanted. I guess we would have been totally out of luck if they decided to buy the same vehicle we wanted. They are the most unprofessional, unahhapy, shimmy car sales people I have ever dealt with. People read the reviews and stay the hell away from this place. I would rather spend an extra couple thousand to buy from honest car dealership where they understand honesty and customer service. I feel so slimy and feel violated after dealing with them. On to reporting them to the Consumer protection agency, state attorney general, BBB and anyone else I can find. This should've been the easiest and fastest car sale in history but they completely turned it into a big customer service disaster.

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