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Worst service experience

bysdcg_sdcgon 12/13/2017

Returned car dirty and with broken interiors parts. They could care less about your car. The service manager is an arrogant person who can't take ownership of a mistake, even if being pointed out in front of his face.

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sales Rating


bybrandonihdeon 09/26/2016

STAY AWARY FROM THIS 2011 VOLVO XC60, VIN YV1M5382072296181 STAY AWAY FROM SAN DIEGO VOLVO If you’re looking to buy a used XC60 or car in general from San Diego Volvo, I implore you to read this story. I purchased a used 2011 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD Premier SUV from San Diego Volvo in 2014. I spent an extra $2000 for an extended CPO warranty, and another $500 for the Enhancer Plus paint and interior warranty. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle I noticed the transmission was not shifting properly. Over the course of a year, scheduling a half dozen drop off and pick ups, Volvo of San Diego, denied any issue with the vehicle and refused to make any repairs. I had to demand that a regional service technician come out an inspection my vehicle. When the technician arrived, I was denied any access to the individual and the local service technician falsified the vehicles problems during the inspection. Insinuating the problem lay with the driver not the vehicle. I was allowed no follow up. I wrote three letters to department heads within the Volvo of Northern America corporation, relaying my concerns. I received one call back, stating they were going to stand by the assessment of their regional technician. I had the car inspected by an outside ASE certified master mechanic, from a very well known shop in Escondido. Their assessment was that the valve body and all six shifting solenoids needed to be replaced, confirming there indeed was a mechanical malfunction. When confronted by this information, San Diego Volvo still refused to take any action. I was preparing documents to file a small claims lawsuit when I noticed the clear coat on the vehicle was degrading. I filed a claim with Enhancer Plus under the paint warranty. They sent my vehicle to Bumper 2 Bumper in Kearney Mesa. The first time they had my car they only completed half the work, and damaged my vehicle. There are stains on the seat, overspray on the mirrors, dents and scratches on almost every panel. Enhancer asked that I return the car to have the problems corrected. The second time Bumper to Bumper had my vehicle for a month, barely finished the original warranty work, fixed none of the damage and added new damage. When Enhancer learned that the repairs for the damage from a credible shop was in excess of $6000, they refused any further assistance. Bumper 2 Bumper refused to provide any insurance information and I was forced to file a claim through my own provider. When I learned that San Diego Volvo was interested in buying my vehicle back, nothing gave me more joy than to sell it back to them, transmission and body damage in all. This is a highly condensed version, I will be more than happy to provide any further details if it saves anyone the stress of what our family has had to deal with. Thank you for reading. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM SAN DIEGO VOLVO AND THIS USED 2011 XC60

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sales Rating

Sale's lead

bymarie21on 08/01/2009

Edmunds new car price and option feature: I picked the options and progressed to the final screen of my volvo S80 AWD T6. I was then given the option of receiving 3 price quotes from my local Volvo dealers. I entered the contact information and waited. You know what I got? Nothing but an invitation to come into the dealership from San Diego Volvo. I wrote back and explained that what I wanted was a price quote. Again, I received a form email inviting me into the dealership. Another Volvo dealer pushed a black FWD base S80 when I had specified a white AWD and loaded T6. I forwarded my option checklist from Edmunds and got nothing back. Another Volvo dealer in the area invited me into the dealership. Based upon my experience, the "online price quote" option is nothing but a sale's lead generator. San Diego Volvo should not be one of the dealer choices if they are not going to provide anything but a "come on in."

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service Rating

A Very happy Family! :O)

byFamilyBunchon 01/17/2009

We took our used 2003 Volvo V70 wagon (with well over 100,000 miles) to San Diego Volvo and were very happy with their service. The service department was very knowledgeable about our vehicle and we were amazed with the courtesy of the service and how quickly they replaced our transmission. Just to let you know I had called many other transmission repair shops and none of them could do the work quicker or for a lower price than San Diego Volvo. It has been a few months now and we have just scheduled our next routine service with them. We love our Volvo and after our experience with San Diego Volvo we would not even think of taking it anywhere else. FamilyBunch :O)

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service Rating

Do not take your car here unless you have money to burn

byshark8851on 07/06/2008

I took my Volvo XC-90 in to it's 15K service which consists of an oil change, air filter change, tire rotation and checking of fluids. This cost $395. They billed 2.5 hours of labor @ $133/hr. This is outrageous! I called Carlsbad Volvo and they charge $280 for the same service. Still ridiculous but at least it is $115 cheaper. I would avoid SD Volvo at all costs. They think they are a high end car dealer when they are really selling Fords.

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