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Run, Do Not Walk, From Boardwalk Chevrolet

bycohenfiveon 03/28/2018

If I could give less stars to this review I would...The dealership are [non-permissible content removed], pure and simple. And for what, it amazes me the dumb decisions people make sometimes. On the plus side, we bought a car from Boardwalk Chevrolet a couple of months ago. They wanted to get the deal done at end of month so the agreed to deliver it to us. I made sure to tell them to make sure it was clean inside and out, and one other thing we negotiated was a full set of rubber mats. Delivery comes, and the car is really, really dirty. Not happy. Also no mats. The dealer rep agrees IN WRITING to reimburse us for the cost of having the car cleaned (not full detail) and they would send us the mats. Needless to say, no mats every come, and although we were in contact with them several times and sent them the receipt for the $53 to get the car cleaned, zero response. We were never hostile in tone, but they stopped even calling/texting us back. So on principal I went to GM corporate to complain. After a few weeks of back and forth, they eventually sent the mats..but they refused to reimburse us the measly $53 wash they agreed in writing to give us back. GM eventually gave up, and so we are out the cost of the cleaning. My conclusion is that there are lots of Chevy dealers around, and my suggestion is that you run, not walk, away from dealing with these guys. If they cheat customers on small stuff like this, imagine what they might do on bigger stuff. Caveat emptor imo.

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2013 Chevy Spark

byWestiegirlon 05/15/2013

Bought a 2013 Chevy Spark on 5/12/13. Ken G. was very friendly and helpful in showing my husband and me around. Even though my husband was at first skeptical of the small car, Ken answered all his questions and convinced him that this would be a great car for me. I would highly recommend Ken and Boardwalk Chevrolet to others. And I love my Sparky!

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