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Fine Sales Experience/Terrible Service Experience

by bremode on 08/09/2016

Let me preface this review by saying that I consider myself to be a reasonable person. I'm a 32 year old male. I had worked retail as a teenager and well into my twenties so I've had my fair share of customer service complaints from people that could only be described as crazy. When I was wrapping up my purchase and taking delivery of the vehicle, I noticed a few deep paint chips in the body and pointed them out to my salesperson. He confirmed with his manager that they would arrange to have the damage repaired. No one reached out to me for almost 3 weeks after purchase to arrange this service. I had to call and email constantly before my salesperson made arrangements with Erin in customer service to help me out. I was told that my car would be picked up from my house the following week (another week of waiting) at 9 am on a Wednesday morning. Cut to 11am the following Wednesday and I'm sitting at home, missing work and waiting. Again, I have to call to find out what's going on. It blows my mind that I had to initiate all the follow up throughout this entire process. Erin had just arrived to work and was very apologetic about the mix up and even offered to pick up the vehicle herself - I appreciate her concern during this whole ordeal. The car was eventually picked up at 5 pm (at my request) and I was told it could take between a few days to a week to complete the work. It took 12 days for my vehicle to be "ready for pickup" and I had to constantly call and inquire about the status. No one reached out to me with status updates and I never received a returned call after leaving my name and number numerous times. I now remember people's names in service and the reception because I've called so many times; Crystal at the front desk and Regan in Service. The phone etiquette was pretty poor. Here's a tip from a customer service vet; don't answer a customer with "what?".......and now I'm resenting this place for making me sound like a crabby old man. So now that the vehicle is "ready". I have to arrange for my friend to drive my other car 45 minutes out to Orange County and miss half a day of work; I work in real estate finance and it is especially busy right now so missing work is very costly to me. This is not like calling out from when I used to work at Whole Foods and I just didn't get paid for a 6 hour shift; my job has deadlines for deals to get funded and for me to get paid. ANYWAY - But I didn't care too much cause I was excited to have my new Jeep back, finally. You know, I bought this car specifically for summer beach trips and camping and knowing that I've lost these last few weeks is pretty annoying. Also annoying (besides my bitching), my "friends" are letting me hear it almost daily about how I'm letting this place just walk all over me and if it were them, they would have gotten compensation/results...whatever! I just want my car back. When I was finally helped and had my car was brought up, naturally, I wanted to see the work that was performed. I was half expecting the paint job to be terrible with uneven finishes and possible brush strokes. My friend Vince was brought along as a second set of eyes in case I missed something in my excitement, but the new paint was good. My issue lies in the new damage and condition my vehicle was returned to me in. I can't believe that they would return the car to me like this! And before I get dismissed as just some disgruntled, impossible-to-please-customer, take a look at these photos. Would you put up with this if you just bought a new car? A new anything? The body shop that performed the work is Service King of Placentia but I shouldn't have to follow up with them; this is the dealers preferred body shop and they told me they would get the car, detail it and make sure it was all good before delivery. Now I'm back home with my Jeep. I've had my car washed and I've purchased scratch repair polishes but the scratches are still pretty evident. I didn't write this review or complain to customer service rep seeking any compensation. I don't want to deal with them anymore. I would have been better off just paying out of pocket to fix the damage myself because now I have to get the roof panels repainted anyway and according to this invoice that was left in my car, it's gonna be about $580. As of 08/05/2016 no contact made.

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Moe Jubran is THE MAN

by RDubbs2014 on 03/31/2015

I did some offroading over the weekend in my 2014 Wrangler...and returned with a few electrical issues. I had lost nearly all interior power to my switches and gauge control. It was an annoying problem that I new I had to get fixed. I live in fullerton and Premier Jeep is on my way home so i decided to stop in and get it taken care of, that's when I met Moe. I explained my problem to him and within seconds he knew exactly where to look and what fuses to test. I was in and out in 10 minutes and on my way. A quick and awesome experience that left me very grateful for his services. Moe Jubran solved a very complicated problem quickly and wisely. He's a professional who displayed his expertise today! Thank You Moe!

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  • Did the dealership complete the work within the timeframe promised? Yes
  • Did the dealership provide you with an accurate quote of the work to be performed? Yes
  • Do you feel the price paid for service(s) was fair and appropriate? Yes
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? Yes
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Great Service!!! Great Deals!!!

by pierre85 on 07/08/2014

I went to Premier Jeep in Placenta to shop for my new 2014 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler. I found that they had an unbeatable price for the Jeep I wanted on their website, so I came in to see it. I was helped by Derrick F., he made the process easy for me. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He's the man to go to. My overall rating for Premier Chrysler Jeep of Placenta is 5 star Everybody is professional and easy to talk to. I now have my dream car. Thank you Premier Jeep of Placenta. Pierre R.

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