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Worst experiance ever!

bymortiseiron 03/12/2018

On phone the dealer assured me that he could get to my price target on the vehicle I wanted. The web-sight indicated 11 vehicles on site. the dealer I spoke with handed me over to a more senior dealer. Immediately I was informed that they might not have the car I was assured they would have on the lot. In fact they only had one PHEV there. I was able to test drive it. First off I am blown away that any dealer attempting to sell a plug in vehicle would present a car without a full charge. When I asked the dealer why it was not fully charged he responded it is at least 3/4 full and chided me for giving him a hard time on a sunny day! The car was not charged at all. I asked if I could quick charge the vehicle they responded sure you can do it here. They have no Quick charger only level 2. I found myself explaining the different charge protocols to the dealer, a man who sells these cars? The dealer I was working with had no personal desk to talk financing with me at, we had to sit in a tiny cubical without a chair for him, he could only stand. The offer they provided me with was double the monthly payment that they were advertising on the web, despite the vehicle having a price premium of only 15%. They were completely unaware of the federal EV tax credit leasing applications. There were employees smoking right in the front door with the majority of their toxic gasses filling the dealership. My 5 year old daughter remarked several times about the vulgar language and profanity coming from several of the sleazy dealers. Do not buy a car here, you will not be treated fairly. It is imperative when selling an electric vehicle dealers should have a minimum understanding of the product they are selling in my experience most do not and it is a detriment to the public's understanding of these vehicles.

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