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High speed, reckless driving while my Dodge Ram was being serviced 09/03/19

by collin on 09/22/2019

Dealership Southfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 28100 Telegraph Road, Southfield, MI 48034 High speed, reckless driving while my Dodge Ram was being serviced 09/03/19 To whom it may concern My name is Collin until now the very proud owner of a new Dodge Ram 1500 Limited Truck value 70k. I took my Ram to Southfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a simple warranty issue on the rear lift gate which was addressed but after picking up my truck I noticed that it had an additional 3 miles on the clock? Thinking that this was strange i examined the footage from a windshield mounted Dashcam and what i saw was absolutely shocking !!!! My Truck had been taken on an high speed reckless joy ride reaching speeds of 104 MPH in a 40 mile speed limit zone, after reviewing the rest of the footage to my surprise i also found that the truck was driven in a 25 MPH zone reaching speeds of 64 MPH showing no regard to safety of both the public or my Ram !!!! I have the full footage along with Audio clearly stating that the Southfield technician was fully aware of the 25 MPH zone and was not concern. I went to the dealership on 09/04/19 and presented the video footage to 2 service managers on duty. The dealership where also left a copy for review. . Dealership response Mr. Collin , I have addressed your concern with the employee involved. In addition, I made sure to involve FCA and our general manager. We have also documented this incident in your customer file. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to bring this incident to our attention. We work hard to do right by our customers , employees and FCA. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance in the future to ensure your vehicle concerns are addressed properly. !!!!! , I have addressed your concern with the employee involved, I would hope that this is everyone’s concern not only customers but also the general public unaware of this reckless act which puts there safety at risk. I would truly hope that this is just an isolated incident, I have no data to support either way, awareness to customers and the general public especially in the local vicinity I do believe is appropriate to demonstrate that this can and has happen to me and that dangers exist from unlikely sources. Later that same day Around 2.00pm the technician return to my truck, ENGINE and AC ON rested for a while in the front seat then recline the front seat and went sleep in total for 1 hour Clip from my dashcam clearly showing 104 MPH IN A 40 MPH ZONE Engine flat out !!!!!! screaming past local businesses and a hotel. Clip showing driving at 64 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, may be children around but clearly does not care, this neighborhood needs to be made aware of the dangers that could come from this neighborhood dealership. Let’s sleep in a customer’s truck nice and comfy with engine and AC on ……. Beats a hotel room any day of the week What kind of dealership is this !!!!! Bill the General Manger from this dealership will not engage me in any kind of dialog despite several invitations to do so, his customers service policy seems to be well ……. Nothing FULL VIDEO AND AUDIO FOOTAGE IS AVAILABLE of both the Joy Ride and nap !!!!

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Don't let the smooth talk fool you!!!!!

by justalady on 09/20/2007

I purchased a 2002 Pontiac Aztec 03-09-2006 from day one I have had nothing but problems w/ this SUV . I have had to have it serviced 10 times plus. ABS brakes come on at will,was told this is to be expected with this model,serviced so manny times now warranty is expired,on 9-17-2007 engine went out this is a problem GMC is fully aware of,with plastic gasket [ head] coolant flows into the oil and engine locks up,gas gauge broken, moisture in headlight cover, air cond only works on high, radio light display 1/2 lit, etc. Broke down 800 miles away from home. I called the used car manager to explain my problems, he asked me to fax him an estimate,I called back the next day to see if he had recieved my fax he replied yes, "but were not going to do any thing for you" I then called to speak to my salesman ,was informed that the 2 salesmen along w/ the used car manager were all fired,for all the bad deals they made including mine,he explained they sold used cars that had more than 40,000 miles on them,mine had 71,000miles they told me to pay 12 truck payments on time and then bring it back and they would trade it in and I could get any thing I wanted, I did so. I went back 06-2007 after making all paymts on time along w/ all of my bills,and the offered me $400 for my truck that cost me $10,000 Now I have a truck w/ a locked Engine and a truck payment of $296.46 with a balance of $7000. Also the crew that was fired took customers down payments, gave customers warrantys that were no good,mileage exceeded the allowed mileage ,you nane it the promesed it . I thought Southfield Crysler Jeep would do right by me ,as a protentual new car buyer.

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