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Bad experience

byDenissson 05/15/2017

I found online lease deal on Jaguar f type for $443 plus tax. I called them and been redirected to sales man Chad, i ask if the offer correct and he confirmed it, i aks how much is total out of pocket, he said $3850. Than i called him 3 other times to ask what colors they have available, if they sell wheels for that car etc.. all times he called me different names, i assumed guy was probably new or something, he talk like he don’t care at all..we also text each other, i asked him how much price with 12K and 15K miles, he provide me with quote, i called to confirm price since i already had feeling he might be wrong after he called me different names and the way he talk. And he confirmed number with me. I’ve been calling him and texting for about 7-10 days, then i told i will come on saturday to get that car for my girlfriend, since next day was her birthday. On our way from Miami i called Chad and said we coming, his respond was i thought you coming at 10:00(instead of just say great)? I told him we will be at 12:00 (since Miami 4 hours drive to Tampa) and asked him to wash car and he said ok. When we got there car was not washed, we asked him to do test drive. After test drive i saw R type and ask if we can try that car, he didn’t say anything, i ask again, and he told me “are you gonna buy car?”, i’ve never hear anything like that at dealerships. You don’t have to be mind reader to understand that we came from Miami 4 hours away not just to do test drive... i did test drive and we went inside to discus numbers. Sales manager introduce himself, was so nice at first…(i think named Luis, bold guy) They approach me and said i have to pay $3000 and $602 per month I told i’m interested in other option, to pay full amount of $3850 and payments was around $539 or something. Than we realized that Chad made mistake and told me wrong numbers by the phone as well as text message i showed them to Luis, he just said Chad made mistake and that’s it. I told him that i drove 4 hours just to say that? Also i said "you not a donut place to make mistakes like that” during that conversation chad was standing next to us and just smiling and i was shocked with that. I ask Luis if it’s family business and Chad related to someone(since i couldn’t explain his attitude) and he didn’t say anything, i ask how come company can hire so unprofessional people like him. Then guys left and came with general manager Bryan Mobley, he came, introduce himself and start talking like i’m some kind of [non-permissible content removed] came to his dealership and abusing his employees, without even listening whole story and it happen in front of my girlfriend. I told her to sit in the car right away. We start talking again to GM and he mentioned that i called their dealership donut place, insult his guys, said they don’t provide good service…he continued and mentioned they gave me coffee and i’m saying it’s no service…? I was really just shocked for a moment… I asked him couple of times if he’s really general manager, because i couldn’t believe that someone in that position can act that way… he mentioned that he was with company for 25 years and gave me his business cards… Then i told him about price mistake, he checked Chad’s phone and told me yes he did mistake, but i shouldn’t say that he’s unprofessional, i insult guy that way. I was on the phone with guy for over a week, i drove 4 hours, we came to buy car for my girlfriend birthday isn’t insult to me? I just couldn’t continue conversation, it was absurd. I dont understand how come Jaguar corporation can allow these type of services happen?

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sales Rating

My Experience with "JAGUAR of TAMPA

byBlondeikurlson 04/22/2016

Thanks so kindly to your entire staff for working so diligently with me during my time of purchase of my Jaguar at your dealership; Jaguar of Tampa, Fl. Each salesman, especially Christian Pelletier and the Financial staff member as well as your computer technician specialist were outstanding in every way. You guys made my purchase less stressful, quick, and with less paperwork as possible! Purchasing a car hasn't been so easy. I appreciate each of you very much and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

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service Rating


bydeermomon 02/01/2012

parts manager is awesome!!

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