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Bait & Switch! Dishonest!

by ChellyBean on 01/19/2017

On Sat., January 14, 2017 we contacted Marin Subaru via email for a price quote on a 2017 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Touring AWD Quartz Blue Pearl. We received a reply back from Amber (internet manager) quoting us $29,282. On Sunday, 1/15/17 we received another email from Amber confirming if we received the quote (since it is possible for the email to go to junk mail). My husband called her to set an appointment to test drive the car. Especially since the SUV would be for me and I wasn't sure if I would like it, since I am petite. To be honest, I'm not a diehard Subaru owner, that would be my husband. It took a lot of convincing and researching on his part to find me the car I would love. When we arrived around 3 pm. After test driving the vehicle, I FELL IN LOVE with it. I even told her she doesn't need to put it back in the showroom because I'm driving that baby home. She laughed and said "it's ok I'll have someone else put it back". Heck that should have been my clue that it wasn't going to happen. When we got to her office, she asked us what was the amount she quoted us? We told her $29,282. Her response "that was a mistake". I said "what do you mean it was a mistake". The lowest I can go for this vehicle is $34,000 something. I explained to her this is the rate you quoted us and you should honor it. Especially since she sent us a follow up email. Her reply, "I made a mistake and we have the option to take this offer (she gave me the paperwork with the new price) or not". She then went on stating that the model we picked is a popular model and they can easily sell it for profit. When I asked to speak to her boss, she said her boss would only give this amount and no lower. She mentioned they were a mom and pop store and we would have better luck going to Serramonte Subaru, they might give you this deal. WTF!!!! Is what is going through my mind. I told her, it was not right what they were doing. She just said, it was a mistake. When I spoke to other dealerships, they indicated if the salesperson quoted us a price, they must honor it. If it is a loss, it would come out of their own commission. Apparently neither Amber nor her manager was willing to do this. These are managers not sales associates. It goes to say how they run things at this establishment. I feel this is a bait and switch and for someone who confirmed the email to us twice, should have honored the price. Avoid this place at any cost. They seem to use the excuse "they are a mom and pop shop" only when it benefits them. A part of me wishes I didn't even test drive the Touring model. Even though we bought the XT model without all the bells & whistles, I have something to compare it with. It's like HGTV when they show someone a house, they love it, only to tell them "haha you can't afford this". Unlike HGTV they say "but we can find you one that's in your budget and give you everything you wanted". In the end they love it even more. Amber & the manager at this establishment took that part away from me.

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