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It does NOT get any better than this...

Written by Bobbers on 10/14/13 09:25:46 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Just a quick thanks for the excellent work Adam did in helping us purchase a vehicle from you this past weekend. We first visited your dealership this spring after the auto show; one of your representatives showed us the smaller GMC SUV and we wanted to test drive it and compare it to both the Subaru Forester and the Legacy. Long and the short of it was I actually ended up liking the Forester's handling, comfort, and ride the best of those three options. I told Adam, who took over the sales process once we eliminated the GMC from consideration, that I would not likely be looking to purchase for several months. Not a stall, I knew my 2006 Buick Lucerne was good for a while yet and I saw no need to rush headlong into a purchase. Adam, as much as sales people don't like making follow up calls in some instances, did a good job of maintaining contact with my wife and I via the phone. Call it a "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" approach: he wasn't too "pushy", nor was he inattentive. Our family has faced a niece with breast cancer treatments my wife had to help her through, the fading health and sudden death of a brother-in-law, and another family issue that made the April-September period one we'd not soon want to revisit. Buying a vehicle, as you can appreciate, was not a major priority. In September I finally set out to sell my Lucerne (relax, you really didn't want a 2006 with 157,000 miles on it...cherry body, new tires and brakes, but we'd have never agreed on a trade value...) and, this past Friday, found a buyer and completed the transaction. Off to buy a car! I'd decided I wanted a Forester in either the Premium or Limited trim. Yup, you guessed it if you're looking out your window right now, no inventory in sight... My wife, bless her, asked me to take a look at a 2012 Forester, Premium trim line, that was on the lot. While sage green isn't my preferred color, and the perfume of the previous owner lingers intensely in the interior, the rest of the vehicle was self-evidently worth consideration. I bought it even though I had the option to stay focused only on a new vehicle and start working,, or some other channel of acquisition. I chose to see things through with Sommers. My point, both to Adam and the rest of the sales staff, is a simple one: patience, respect for the potential customer and the fact that life sometimes gets in the way of their other plans, and "working the process" DOES yield results. I'd also point out that Keegan, in your F&I department, did a thorough, detailed, friendly, and precise execution of his responsibilities to round out the experience. From top to bottom, beginning to end, we enjoyed the experience we had at Sommers Subaru. Yes, the product is important, having sales people with product knowledge is important, but when the same product is available at multiple locations it's the other parts of the process that differentiate one dealership from another. Our thanks to Adam, to Keegan, to Jim who "pinch hit" for Adam in that we showed up on this past Friday before Adam's shift began and wasn't at all inconvenienced spending time with one of his peers customers. Feel free to share this with the staff, they deserve to hear about those situations when they've done everything right; Lord knows they get 'communicated with' when something doesn't go per plan. Again, our thanks, it's been a pleasure we hope to repeat in the future either ourselves or based on recommending your dealership to others.

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