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Written by patrpowell on 06/19/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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I scheduled an appointment to have service performed on my vehicle at Mike Duman and called back 24 hours before the initial appointment in order to rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict. When I called back I gave the service tech who answered the telephone approximately 4 total issues that I wanted checked on my vehicle. The appointment time was scheduled at 4:30pm. At around 4:20pm on the day of my appointment, I was in route and realized that I would probably be about 10 to 15 minutes late. I called the service department back and received the same tech on the telephone. I explained to her that I was in route but running about 10 or 15 minutes late. She then told me that due to the items I wanted checked, they (Mike Duman Service Department) may not be able to complete those items. I asked her, why didn't you tell me this earlier because I could have scheduled an earlier appointment. She replied "just come on and we will do our best to complete the service today". I arrived at approximately 4:40pm, gave the tech my keys and went to the service waiting room to sit down. At 6:15pm, one to the cashier's in service department was coming out of the restroom and she asked was I waiting for my car. I told her yes. She told me "well they must have forgotten you because everybody is gone. She contacted the Service Manager via telephone and he sent the same tech in which I had scheduled my appointment back to the shop. She approved a rental car for me and then they told me to walk across a major intersection to their rental car office to pick up the vehichle. I did. Mike Duman attempted to charge me gas for the use of the rental even though their service department forgot that I was there. Keep in mind I just purchased the vehicle approximately two weeks prior. I called back to the dealership the following morning and spoke with their service manager, Frank Jones. He was fast talking, rude (he engaged in another conversation while I was attempting to explain my situation to him) and he rushed me off the telephone agreeing to pay for the gas in the rental car. When I arrive to pick up my vehicle later that afternoon; I found my that the service department had failed to put my vehicle back in proper order. I approached Mr. Jones about this issue. After he humiliated me by saying loudly in showroom "what do you want now; I paid for your gas"; he followed me to my vehicle and rudely put the panel that was down in my car back in place. I have not intention of ever returning to this dealership for any service, purchase etc. I feel that their customer service is awful. I thank God that I held it together instead of losing it with the rude customer service manager, Frank Jones. Maybe, they only treat certain people this way, whatever the case; I would advise that you not go there.

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