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Fast, Friendly Service--High Repair Costs

Written by portert0224 on 01/05/10 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Service reviews
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Overall, I appreciated the quick service and excellent communication, however, the prices quoted to me were significantly higher than my local GM service department. If I lived in the Fredericksburg area and was stuck with the higher cost of labor for that area, then I would consider Radley's for my service center largely due to the extremely fast response time, the detail of their quotes and their extremely professional service personnel. My experience with Radley's: During an out-of-town trip, my car would not start and it was towed to Radleys on a Sunday after hours. Due to my work schedule, I had to leave the car and return home 85 miles away. By noon the next day, the service department telephoned me and determined it was a failed fuel pump and e-mailed me a detailed quote that included the GM part numbers, the cost of each part, the number of labor hours required to fix the car and the hourly rate and the total labor cost. Total job was $702 for parts, $441 for labor which was $1236 including tax. I thought the quote was extrememly high. I sent Radley's detailed quote to my local GM dealership and requested a quote. My local GM dealership's quote to replace the fuel pump and fuel filter was $270 ($127 for parts, $167 for labor)--over $900 less than Radleys. My local dealership stated that Radley's quote was high due to 4 reasons: 1. Radley's quote included replacing parts that were not required to fix the problem (fuel sending unit, fuel relay, fuel strainer) which added over $500 to the repair cost. My local dealer stated that only the fuel pump and fuel filter needed to be replace and that Radley probably wanted to replace everything all at once whether it required replacing or not. 2. Radley's hourly labor rate was $98/hour whereas my local GM dealer's hourly rate was $76/hour. 3. Radley's quoted the job taking 4.5 hours which included the 1 hour diagnostic and I am presuming included the labor to replace the other parts not required. My local GM dealer said the book hours to replace the fuel pump and filter was only 2.2 hours. 4. My local GM dealer gives me a 10%-20% discount on all of my GM parts and Radley did not. I declined the work, paid the 1 hour of diagnostic labor ($98) and paid $200 to have my car towed to my local GM repair shop 85 miles away. Even with paying the $98 diagnostic fee and the tow, I still saved over $600 for the repair.

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