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Tom Denchel ignored my safety concern‎‎

Written by somo1 on 08/24/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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When I asked how Tom Denchel would address my safety concern, the response was an expectation that I wanted money out of the deal. What I wanted was to know that they had some sense of urgency and responsibility regarding the safety for the vehicles they sell. What I found out is that after the sale, Tom Denchel and company ignored my safety concerns. Here is my story. I went to the Hermiston store where very nice salesman found me a car and got me a deal I could not refuse. Great guy. He quit the week I bought my car. I knew it needed some cleaning and new tires. This car was not detailed, but it seemed to be a good car, and I was buying from Tom Denchel, a Ford dealer with a good reputation. I test drove on Hermiston roads. I couldn't tell if it was the old tires or the road that was jarring. I assumed that if I put on new tires and had a four wheel alignment all would be well. So I drive home to Washington. At 65MPH the car shook hard enough to churn milk into butter. First thing the next day I took the car to our local Toyota dealer. I told them the tires would be replaced but please check out the rest of the car. They said it was a good car but the filters were horribly dirty, and they mentioned several cosmetic things noting that "they sure didn't detail this car". Next stop was Les Schwab. The car had 2 brands and sizes of tire, 215/60R16 and 205/60R16, Michelin and Toyo. One brand/size on each side. I didn't' have much choice but to replace the tires immediately. I will not risk the safety of my family, as Tom Denchel did. When I called Tom Denchel I was asked to call back the next day. Instead of calling I took time off of work to meet with this team to see in person how they would react to a customer with a safety concern. When I arrived at 9am, the Manager, Chris Penny who had asked me to call around 8:30 or 9am was not in, and wouldn't be in until later in the day. I was introduced to another manager, Miguel "Mike". He started by mentioning how much money they lost on my deal. I attempted to convey that I was more interested in voicing a safety concern. He then said, "what do you want". My response was that I wanted to know what they were doing to address this safety concern. I did mention that I had already purchased tires, that the car was not detailed and was shopping for warrantees due to the potential damage to the transmission, drive train and electronics. Tom Denchel walked into the office he was very personable. Tom says he will look into it and they will get back to me. So I go home Monday expecting a call. Late Tuesday I call twice, each time I am told they will call me back. Wednesday I call again and am told that I will get a call in just a couple of minutes. Instead of just telling me they talked to the service department and made sure the checklist included this basic item and the team was made aware of this important safety concern... I get the runaround. The "Customer Service Manager" Amanda calls me back and wants my receipt from Les Schwab. I reinforce my major concern with two emails to her and include the receipt. I receive no calls and no return emails. After finally getting her on the telephone Thursday she tells me she needs a couple of days. It is now more than a week after I brought up my safety concern. Tuesday after I brought up my safety concern and many unanswered calls... I get a call back from Amanda the "Customer Service Manager". She reiterates how great a deal I got and that Tom Denchel would have liked to have seen those tires. She then said that they would reimburse me for the tires if I referred a customer to Tom Denchel. I was flabbergasted. My response was to again ask what they are doing to address my primary concern. She became upset and said that they safety check all of their vehicles. After hearing her tell me in an agitated voice how I was driving a safe car with two sized tires, I decided I had had enough confrontation.

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