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Written by lukees on 07/25/08 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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I went to Ron Tonkin Kia in Gladstone to purchase a new vehicle. I brought an 84 K5 Blazer 4WD 6.2L Diesel as trade and put $500 down on my mothers credit card. My mother came in with me as a co-signer. We came to an agreement on the price and terms, signed the paperwork and left with my newly purchased vehicle. I was contacted about 10 days after the signing and informed that they were unable to secure the financing and I needed to sign some new paperwork. At this point I felt like they were trying to pull a scam so I tried to be cautious and was ready to cancel the entire deal. I went into the dealership and reviewed the new offer which was to put my mothers name first on the title and my name secondary which would give us a better interest rate. I checked to ensure there were no other changes and I saw none evident so I agreed with the new terms. After signing the new paperwork I again went on my way. With this new paperwork my mother had to sign and she was out of town at the time so the dealership mailed it to her and she mailed it back to them. On 7/07/08 a bank called me to verify information such as my landlords name and number for the car loan. The next day I was released from my work on 7/8/08, so when the bank tried to verify my employment and was unable to do so, I was contacted by the dealership where they informed me that they were unable to get approval on the financing. I said fine, I will bring the car back and you can give me my truck back. They said ok great, as soon as you get a job again let us know. I informed them that I would get happy to and asked when my truck would be ready. They said they were unsure and would have to get back to me. Several days go by and Greg Whitaker calls me back and asked if I had gotten a job. I told him I had not yet and was still looking. He informed me that they need to get the car back and I said ok, is my truck ready? Greg says yes, it should be right down the street. I said great, I will be there at 7:00PM, please have my truck ready and he said OK. I felt that something was wrong and decided to get more information on my contract. I was worried they had sold my truck and I wanted to see what my rights were. I found that a dealer is not supposed to sell a vehicle as part of a trade-in until final approval of funding which made me feel better to know that they would still have my vehicle and I would be able to get around still. I show up at the dealership and my truck is nowhere to be seen. I spoke with Greg and he introduced me to another manager by the name of Floyd Schaffer. He started out by telling me that as soon as I get a job again, have the hiring manager call him and he can get the approval. At this point I just wanted my truck back. I asked him to bring it around and he informed me that they had sold it. I asked if he had final approval on funding and he informed me that they had gotten final approval but had not gotten it secured. I asked him how that was and he was never able to give me a good answer. I informed him that it was illegal to sell my vehicle until he had final approval and he argued that he had done nothing illegal. I showed him a print out of Ordinance 646a.090 and he said that there is a paragraph somewhere that I have missed and he offered me a check for $500 for my truck. I told him that I don't want a check, I want my truck or my car. He said there was no way I could get my truck back because it was sold and gone. I asked to see the sales order for my truck and he refused to show me saying it had confidential information on it. I said fine, I will keep the car and contract. He refused and informed me that I needed to give him the keys to the car. I argued with him for about an hour until my girlfriend and I realized that the argument was getting nowhere and we would need to take further action. I returned the keys to the dealer and left with nothing. Immediately after I called the police and asked for advice and have asked for legal advice

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The same thing happened to me at Weston Kia. SAME EXACT scenario. The best thing to do in future cases is to keep your car until financing goes through completely. DO NOT drive off the lot with the new vehicle. Secure financing online, rather than in the dealership, to avoid being tempted to take the new ride home. That way, if anything goes wrong.. you still have possession of your vehicle. I had to learn the hard way.

  • By mylolo1
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:37:58 PM PST