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I must admit it I am impressed !! They are willing to go the extra mile!
Written by soooma on 02/07/2012
Thank you dear Mike my sales rep, Matt financial manager and the wisely patient Chris -;) the sales manager I am impressed guys -:) You really did go the extra mile with me just to make me feel happy (because you care about your customer as well as your reputation) after having a problem that might look not very important to most people but it was that important to me making me quite unable to continue enjoying my car. The extra mile here was giving me the option to customize a new car to my liking, especially that i know you could've argued "you then get the same car" in a trial to make it hard for me to swallow several thousands for the paint touch up problem/inadvertent yet unacceptable -by me- mistake if you will, which would've been really hard for me to justify the loss of money but this way get some more options on the car made me happy with the decision to change the whole car for the paint and look at the loss of money from the angle of getting more options to justify the huge loss so I don't feel guilty for paying for a mistake I didn't make, but only your highly appreciated understanding and I mean Matt and Chris here made it possible to have another highly satisfied Handrick BMW customer and more than likely a guaranteed future customer who probably changes cars every year -:) and especially that this was my first BMW ever!! Regardless of how much money you are making in this trade and I know from reading well about it you are still making some good money both way -;) but I believe you've earned it with the way you treat your customers -;) And as upset as I was then and willing to talk bout a negative experience as much as I am willing now and actually excited to give ya Thumbs up and a sure 10/10 feedback and excellent Internet reviews, Thank you for being at the level of my expectation and even more! P.S I owned Audi Q7 4.2 FSI for 3 years and doesn't compare in any possible way to this X5 50i, this is a lot better in every possible way except the third row and room behind it but that's because it is a smaller car. soooma P.S A very genuine review and not a person who works at the dealership -:)
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