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Bait and Switch

Written by sam201 on 05/15/11 08:08:05 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Up experience was terrible because the dealership is untrustworthy...not because of the salesman. To lay the groundwork, I have a 2008 Tacoma that I really like. It is exactly what I wanted except for the fact I should have gotten 4-wheel drive. Over the past year or so, I considered upgrading to a new Tacoma with 4WD, but based on all the information I could find, my trade-in would have been about $19K and the typical Tacoma deal was running about $2.5K below MSRP. For me, I would have ended up with a $9K difference. I didn’t think 4WD was worth $9K. So, when I received a notice from Larry H. Miller Toyota that my Tacoma was worth $24K in cash or trade, I was a little surprised. I thought it might be a scam but since I received a follow-up email with similar information, I figured I’d check it out. Given that the offer specifically mentioned the value was for cash or trade, I decided the number had to be independent of buying a new vehicle or any deal related to a new vehicle. Also, I had added a $1200 cap to my track which probably wasn’t included in the estimate in the value your dealership had given me. Bottom line, I could have been looking at a $5K difference between the two vehicles. So, even though I was surprised, I figured at most, their estimate could only be off a small amount since you know my truck given prior maintenance and that you should be able to provide a good estimate. Unfortunately, it turned out Larry H. Miller dealership was trying to use standard car dealership tactics to get me in the door. When I showed up, despite the fact my vehicle is in nearly mint condition, I was told it was only worth $19K in trade only…cash value would be much lower. Doing the math, that’s a 20% reduction in estimates. If you add in the cap on the back, it’s more like Larry H. Miller missed by 25%. The reason I was given…the $24K is for a different Tacoma, not mine. Of course, I was a little confused since this is the only Tacoma I have and their dealership is familiar with it. However, their [violative content deleted] company was more than generous in letting me know that with a $19K trade in, we’d only be $12.5K apart…not the $5K estimate I came up with. Of course a few days later I was told they could probably get the difference down to about $10K. Apparently I’m supposed to be incapable of noticing a bait and switch tactic. I could have understand if the dealership come back and said my truck was worth only $23 or $22.5 but it was obvious this was a scam to get me in the door. I don’t have time to be played. It is unfortunate that after all the bad publicity Toyota took a few years ago over their lack of trustworthiness and Toyota’s very public attempts to restore belief in the quality of the Toyota brand that this sort of thing still goes on. I can only conclude that either Toyota was only pretending to reform itself and reestablish corporate integrity, or that Larry H. Miller dealerships didn’t get the message. Either way, I doubt I’ll ever buy another Toyota. At the very least, it’s clear I’ll never buy one from Larry H. Miller Toyota.

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