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A Bait and Switch
Written by KS on 01/21/2020
This is a review for the Planet Honda Body Shop. We brought our car in for frontal body work due to a deer collision and left (3-4 weeks later) with a car that needed an engine replacement. The whole experience has been completely horrendous and I still cannot believe the lack of courtesy toward the customer both in words and action. The body shop adjuster/consultant we worked with was not a person of his word and was very unsympathetic towards the situation. We brought in a car with NO engine issues and was returned a car with a used engine! The engine replacement was due to a mistake on their part from the initial body work and repair: the coolant cap on the car's radiator was not properly installed, causing the coolant to leak and then damaging the engine. Due to this negligence, my family was stranded on an express highway with a broken down car in a very precarious and awful situation. The car was towed to the shop (it had been less than 24 hours) and once the mistake was identified, it took over a week to order (apparently 2 engines) and install a USED engine and on the day of pick up we found out that the engine that was installed was not the one promised and they were reluctant to provide the appropriate paper work. No thank you, Planet Honda Repair for the terrible experience, for losing thousands of dollars in value on my car, and for taking time away from me. And no thank you for your lack of courtesy on all fronts.
  • Recommend this dealer? No
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of work performed on your vehicle? No
  • Did the dealership complete the work within the timeframe promised? No
  • Did the dealership provide you with an accurate quote of the work to be performed? No
  • Do you feel the price paid for service(s) was fair and appropriate? No
  • Did the dealer honor all commitments made? No

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