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Don't waste your time, or they will waste it for you.

Written by joannefm on 08/04/09 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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I tried to talk to these guys about buying a specific model on the phone. I have cash for a new car. You would think that would be attractive. They told me they didn't have that model, but they could order one for me to test drive. They said it would be in by Monday. They never called back. When I tried to follow up by email, they told me to come in to test drive it! Didn't want to talk unless I was there. But they didn't have the car, I reminded them. Oh, well then...Uh, how about a different car? I said "How about a different dealer?"

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I'm sure you're experience at this dealer was unpleasant, but you thinkng is outdated in thinkng a cash deal is attractive. Dealers make an ABSOLUTE KILLING on finance, and aftersell items! So they are always looking to get people to finance as much as they can as well as buy aftermarket items (extended warranty, paint sealant, alarm system, etc). Years ago a cash buyer was desirable; today they're a dinosaur. As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn't tell them you're a cash buyer until after you've negotiated price, although I doubt any dealer will negotiate until they know how you're paying so they can maximaze their per unit profit.

  • By smore
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 01:06:02 AM PST

Agree, but this dealer is bad with or without cash !

  • By toyotaexpert
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 01:17:10 AM PST

Contacted dealer through Edumunds requesting a price quote about a specific vehicle. Got a call from a sales person within an hour. But they will not even tell me what they have in stock unless I go to the dealership. They are using Edmunds only to get customers into their showroom.

  • By rgiu
  • on 07/28/2011
  • 06:42:42 AM PDT