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  • 1805 Marlton Pike W
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If you love being lied to, shop here!

Written by Battista211 on 03/28/14 09:13:09 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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The man and I were looking to secure a new vehicle - mid-sized SUV, for our lovely little blended family we have going on. We weren't sure if we were going to buy used, or try leasing. We have a pretty comfortable income since we both work good jobs, but a few credit dings (my student loans screw-ups right out of college, his previous marriage & subsequent divorce, life. It happens). We knew what we could afford, and also that we couldn't expect to get the top tier financing deals, but we felt confident after all of our research that we could get something affordable and dependable for general family use. Went to look at a lease/test drive. After some minor hassles with them holding our debit card hostage while looking at a used vehicle, we were passed off to a sales guy named Steve, who talked to us about leasing, and brought out a 2014 Mitsubuishi Outlander Sport for us to test drive. We LOVED the car (but didn't let on too much) - and in fairness, it's a great car. We were very interested, and started financing application/discussion/negotiation. We came to a deal (it was a bit more than we really wanted to pay - but we loved the car, and knew our credit didn't qualify us for the lowest rates, so we felt the deal was fair, even if the payments were a *bit* higher than we wanted. They took our deposit and we waited to sign our final contract and financials. And waited. And waited. And waiiiiited. After about 2 1/2 hours of waiting (going on 6 hours total in the dealership) - we were told that they were "so busy" that day that we would have to come back early the next week (it was Saturday) to finish our financials and sign our contract. We weren't thrilled about this. They told us it was fine, that the deal was set, and we just needed to sign - and then gave us one set of keys and sent us out with the car, saying we would get our second set after we signed. We set our signing for Tuesday night after work that week, and in between that time the man called at least 3 times to make sure the deal was good, and that we weren't going to face higher payments, basically making sure everything was OK. It should be said, my man is a mortgage loan officer not unfamiliar with standard banking and finance practices. Each time we called, we were told "everything is great! Just come sign your contract!" So we show up Tuesday night...and wait. And wait. And WAIT. For over an hour, after 9PM, and as they're closing, the finance guy/sales guy/overall sleezey dude (Chris K.) runs up to us and goes "Oh guys, I'm so sorry - my manager JUST gave me this) - and on it is a paper basically saying that the payments are ACTUALLY going to be $100 more a month than the deal they offered, based on our credit tier. So, recap: They offer a deal, take our money, give us a car, have us sign ZERO paperwork, and then, when we are supposed to finalize the deal, tell us "JK! More Money!" We were angry, obviously. It's one thing to not qualify or get the deal you want based on credit, which we totally get - but they knew what credit tier we were in the minute they ran our credit the first time around. If we truly did not qualify for the deal that was offered, it should have NEVER been offered to us - not only that, they should have never taken money from us or give us a vehicle based on a deal that was never going to exist. They told us that they would "work on it" and get back to us the next day. We were so furious by then (in addition to not hearing from them the next day) that we decided to just take the car back that evening and get our money back. We got to return the car, and get put through 2 other salespeople, trying to offer us a "new" deal that's now $50 a month over the original deal. We say no. We want the original deal offered, or nothing. They say they can't do it - but STILL keep trying to talk us into the offer. We tell them over and over we want our deposit back ans want to leave. Finally, Chris K., whatever it is that he does there, I have no idea of his title, tells us he can cut us a check for our deposit to pick up tomorrow. We make him put this in writing and sign it. He says we can keep the car until then - but like heck we're doing that! So yesterday, we go to pick up the check - not surprisingly, they can't cut the check because "the guy who needs to sign it isn't here today". So they offer to refund via the debit card (which I don't trust at all). We finally agree to have them reverse it on the card. That was yesterday. Still haven't seen it on my bank statement. I just want this to be over, and I have a feeling it's not over yet. Stay far, far away.

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