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It's Not the Dealerships Fault...

Written by ktaylorm on 12/09/12 10:19:01 AM PST Go back to Service reviews
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I purchased a 2011 Chrysler 200 Ltd. from Bonneville & Sons 8/31/11. The first service visit occurred on 10/4/11 and it's been downhill from there. Bonneville has been absolutely amazing in their efforts to fix my car; however, they have have exhausted all physical and mechanical efforts. I know consumers are quick to blame dealerships for vehicle issues (and I was one of them) but I now know it's not the dealerships fault... Chrsyler builds defective vehicles and leaves it to these poor dealerships to try and fix them when they cannot be fixed. My car has had a constant vibration from 50-70mph from day one; cannot be aligned even with the most severe adjustments that can be made and you cannot let go of the wheel or you're off the road; the front end sounds like its falling apart; the dealership graciously bought me new tires because they kept telling me it was a tire issue (which it was not); the front end has pretty much been rebuilt (brand new front axle, brake caliber, struts, sway links) and none of the issues have been resolved. As of yesterday, the steering column now has a clunking noise and, sadly, I am hesitant to bring it in for servicing because this poor dealership has expended so much time and money on this car but when I am responsible for picking up my precious 10-month old granddaughter every day I am not willing to chance her life or mine and worry every time I drive that this car is going to fall apart. I've only had this vehicle for 15 months and I cannot begin to tell you how stressful and worrisome it is to drive this car every day. But, I am thankful to be working with a dealership that has gone above and beyond to help me to the fullest extent possible - now it's time for Chrysler to start putting their bail out money to work and fix defective cars and stop putting their dealerships in these unfortunate situations.

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