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Gone to heck in a handbasket since '04

Written by watermoon on 05/12/11 04:20:33 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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We purchased our 2005 Prius from here and got it fast and reasonably priced (for a Prius at the time) with just what we wanted, and no hassle so when it was time to start looking for a mini van we came here first. Just before they were going to move to their current location we stopped by to see if they had any great sales on existing models. It was horrible. Every sleazy dealer story you've heard of rolled into one. The dealer we'd previously worked with was retired. We told them we weren't buying that day, at all, period. If we were going to jump the gun and buy ANY time soon they'd need to have a great big huge sale that knocked our socks off but we still wouldn't do it until the next day. So the sales lady tried to sell us a huge monster off the lot that had way more garbage tacked on than we want, I said "What's your sale if we go with this exact one, (it was the last model year too) and save you the trouble of moving it to the new lot?" She wouldn't answer directly, just refering us to the sticker. When we kept asking the price we could get she passed us off to another dealer, who proceded to waste ANOTHER hour and a half, culminating in an attempt to get us to sign a credit app (and WRECK OUR CREDIT SCORE!) after stealing the info off my driver's license, they had made a copy when I showed it to them to prove I can drive to do a test drive. I said "We are NOT filling out a credit app until we know the price and if we're buying in the next week or 6 months from now, we may not want to finance with you." "But I can't tell you what kinda payment I can get you without [the credit check]" I replyed, "I don't want a payment amount, I need a price to take home and work the numbers MYSELF, one we can take to our bank. What's your sale?" He said, "8K off." guess what we found when we got home? Toyota had a nation wide sale of 8 grand off, even if we ordered the current model and got exactly the package we wanted.... We left at that point, a total of 30 minutes spent test driving and 2 1/2 hours of our lives wasted being chatted up and pushed by rude, bossy, obnoxious sales people who obiviously don't understand English. We will NOT be buying any future cars here. Ever. We warned all of our friends and family to stay away from them or at least go to Reno if they have to get a Toyota. We have since been getting annoying letters from them trying to get us to trade the Prius in (not an option we'd consider even with a mini van purchase).

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