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Worst Dealership Ever

Written by qazi on 06/12/11 07:01:27 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Rusty Eck Ford Omaha Nebraska I started looking for a car in the beginning of march. I drove to a couple Ford dealerships and stopped at Rusty Eck Ford. Salesman Tim Mangianelli showed me a new mustang which is what I was somewhat interested in. I filled out some credit paperwork and told him what I was interested in.. He said he would look to see if they could find something. I came back a couple days later to which I had an appointment with the salesman. I got there on time and waited for over an hour before I was helped at all. I left to come back another day. When I came back next time he said he found a few cars for me. I looked at a few and said this one is somewhat close so lets see what we can do. They said I had to put down a deposit to secure the car at the other dealership but did not sign anything at the moment saying I would legally buy this car. I came back the next day and Tim had some paperwork ready. I tried to ask what the price of the car was and he wouldnít tell me. He just kept trying to push me into the finance office. Once I got into the finance they put all the paperwork in front of me. I began to sign one and then stopped and said this isnít right right. These numbers are not what I agreed to. Sean Teinert said that my payment would be at a different amount. The finance guy said whatís wrong. I told him that the payment and price was too high. He said ok and took the sales document from me and put it in the trash. Since It was Saturday he said you can come back Monday and Ill run some numbers for you and see what I can do. Tim Mangiamelli called me on Monday the 15th and said if we get this car it is going to have 750 miles on it. Will you be ok with that. I wasnít too sure about and said I would call him back. Since I was at work. I called Tim Mangianelli And told him that I did not want to buy the car. He asked me why and I said the terms were not right, the payment, the miles etc.. He TOLD ME that he would tell them to not pick up the car then and I would be out to pick up my down payment this week. On Thursday may 19 I went out to get my down payment. Tim called me again on Thursday the 19th and said we have your car. I went in to go get my money back then Tim approached me and was still trying to sell me the car. I said no I do not want it. I want my down payment back. He said he would see what he could do. Minutes later he pulled me in the finance office with all the paperwork. I told the finance guy I did not want the car. The sales manger them came in and said do you remember this document. I said no then he let me see it closer and it was the sales document that was supposedly thrown in the trash. He said you signed right here saying you would buy this car. I said thatís incorrect because on the sales agreement it specifically says that the sales manager has to also sign the document while in my presence to make this a legal binding document. I told him that and said I wanted to see the general manager. He came into the room calling me liar and yelling at me. I told him that I told Tim on Monday that I did not want to buy the car. He pulled Tim into the room and asked him that. Tim then said he never told me that he would tell them to not pick up the car. I told him that Tim was lying to him. I pointed at the sales agreement and said this is not right why do think only my signature is on it and not both.. He threw the paper and began yelling at me and calling me a liar again. He said he would not give my 2000 down payment back cause it cost them money to go gee the car. I told them thatís not my fault that you still went to get the car after I told you I did not want it. I told them on Monday I did not want the car. They did not leave till Tuesday or Wednesday to go get this car. They could have avoided this if they would communicate with each other and now Iím ending up paying for there mistake. The sales agreement shows that they went and got the car without making sure the paperwork was complete. They violated there own legal sales agreement. They took my money and owe me 14933.65. Vince Armijo GM said he would only refund me some of my money. They gave me a check for 506.45. I told the sales manager Sean Teinert that I was going to talk to my lawyer and he told to go for it. I talked to another car dealership and they said that Rusty Eck Ford cant do that. They told me to contact the better business bureau which I have done. I still have not heard from Rusty Eck Ford in this matter. I would have loved to buy a Ford If they would have treated me better so I went and bought a Chevy instead which when they found out that I did that they treated me very bad. Calling me names and yelling at me and being very unprofessional

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