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Stay away!!!

Written by dj6888 on 08/05/11 02:47:29 PM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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There is so much wrong with this dealership. I will have to be brief to fit it all in. The service techs like to talk to you like you are a complete idiot and/or talk about their personal matters instead of doing their job. The techs are either clueless or management will not allow them to use their brains. Check engine light on: They say I need some 'kit' to fix. It takes 5 days!!! The tech nicks the high pressure fuel line and it is spraying gas all over the engine. Take it back and they shorten the hose and order a new one. 2 more trips... Radio will not receive AM when temp below freezing. They had the car 6 days in January and said they could not duplicate. Took it in several more times, and finally after 17 months they discovered a connector on the antenna module was never soldered. Milage drops 20-25% if I have the A/C on. They can't find a reason for this.... Eelectronc parking break sets and releases whenever it wants to (so far only when it isn't moving). They can't find a problem because they can't duplicate the problem. "we can't fix it if it isn't broken". When asked what they did to try to troubleshoot the problem they say "pushed the button and the brake engaged. Pushed it again and it disengaged. It is working properly". Yes, the switch functions properly, but that is obviously not the problem and they refuse to troubleshoot. I called VW of America and they stand behind the can't fix it if it ain't broken statement. I guess I will have to wait for my breaks to lock up on a snowy road. Then if I am still alive, maybe they will try to fix it. $30,000 for a car that 1. I can;t afford to use the A/C because it sucks gas so badly. 2. I refuse to use the parking brake and brake hold since they may fail and render the car immovable. 3. When they do fix something, they break something else (gas line). 4. They talk to you like they are talking to Paris Hilton (I'm an engineer, not a moron). 5. They would rather talk about the football game they are going to instead of the reason you are in the service department. 6. Required maintenance interval is 10K yet they put a sticker on your window to come back in 3K miles. 7. If you talk to the service manager, he will shake like he has DT's. I now use Stan Olsen (they have been ok so far, but I had issues with them 20 years ago and vowed I would never be back. Performance is so much worse, I didn't have much choice...) Customer service is dead in America. It's all about the money. They could care less if you come back because they can always suck in another unaware customer. They get 1 star because it won't let me rate them any lower.

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