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Luther Nissan Kia uses deceptive sals practices, lies about financing

Written by uglyshirts on 12/23/09 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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Luther Nissan Kia runs has TV and radio ads in the area that tout the liberal nature of their financing. My credit is weak but improving, but their ads say they help these people specifically, so I was confident I'd be able to buy a the car I want there. It would be my first NEW car. Upon getting a call from and speaking with one of their their Sales Reps, JP Liesenfeld, he unequivocally tells me on the phone that credit "will be no problem." Based on the fact that his call comes after I had already submitted a credit "pre-approval" using an online form, I believe him. He says specifically, "when I started here at 21, I had the worst credit in America, and they were still able to get me approved. If they could approve me, they can approve ANYBODY." That sounds pretty encouraging to me, and I start to get hopeful. In the next few days, I received three phone calls and three e-mails from Mr. Liesenfeld, all following up on my purchasing intentions. He was pleasant, filled me in on financing incentives, offered me resources concerning the specific vehicle I'd expressed an interest in, and made small talk about a recent snowstorm. Then, I got a letter from the dealership refusing financing. I sent two follow-up e-mails to Mr. Liesenfeld, who was so VERY eager to stay in contact previously, for the purpose of asking about my options. To date, I have not gotten a response. I understand that sales are subject to credit approval, but I feel I was genuinely misled both by forms called "credit pre-approval" on the website, their ads boasting of painless credit, as well as Sales Rep JP Liesenfeld's assurance that credit would not be a problem. I have the funds to buy a car and even put down a 10% down payment, but am frustrated that I am being refused both the opportunity to buy, and the courtesy of a follow-up response after being sold a bill of goods on an over-eager sales pitch (as well as ads) that contained significantly misleading information regarding the company's financing practices. I submitted a complaint to the area Better Business Bureau, which was utterly ineffectual. Following up with them produced ZERO response, save a notification on the complaint file saying the matter is "Closed." This is news to me, as nobody ever contacted me from either the BBB, or the dealership to explain or apologize. I'm not personally looking for anything in restitution from Luther Nissan Kia. I simply object to their deceptive sales practices, TV/radio ads, and referral of online forms as being "credit pre-approval." As well, I find their complete "hot-potato" dropping of potential customers whom their sales representatives seemed VERY eager to maintain contact with right up to the point that the seemingly-promised credit approvals do not materialize to be extremely unprofessional. I am not idealistic, nor unrealistic. I just think it's poor, discourteous business practice to mislead people, and then completely cut off all contact once they stop seeing "walking dollar signs" where there are actual human beings instead.

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Seems to me that you are sore about not getting financing. I didn't have great credit when I walked into Luther Nissan either, but they found a way to get me into my car - at a pretty good rate too. I think that if you can't even get financing for a car these days, you're credit is worse than you think. Not only that, but you could have got financing from another source if you felt that the Luther dealership was not being fair; don't blame Luther Nissan because you have bad credit. Perhaps you should re-think buying a new car until you can handle your finances more responsibly. The Better Business Bureau olny closes cases like that if there is no legitimate claim, this tells me that perhaps your complaint was baseless. If the BBB investigated anyone who complained because they didn't get a new car due to bad credit, they'd be too busy to work on real claims. Pay your bills on time, don't over-extend your credit, then go back to Luther and I'm certain that you'll have a delightful experience as I did.

  • By pmarren
  • on 12/06/2010
  • 12:34:54 AM PST
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