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Written by paramedic911 on 04/25/11 02:28:17 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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I'll do a complete review ... Website: Every these days searches online before they even enter a dealership in person so figured this would be a good place to start. The website is very basic, whereas I'm sure most dealerships use the same formatting as the others to advertise their cars. One annoying aspect of online car shopping is the prices. If your like me and have done god knows how many hours of research online before actually shopping in person, test driving, etc., you know as well as I do that the prices online are always marked down about a grand from the price when you get there. It would be nice for once to have a dealership not do this and be honest about their pricing. Buyers would appreciate it more and i'm sure less frustration would be involved in the entire process. Dealership Inventory: Whenever you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle from a dealership you want variety, the thought of knowing you can find exactly what you want. I can honestly say that this dealership does have that. Every car imaginable with every option you can think of. If they don't have it in stock they can within days. Dealership appearance: The appearance of this dealership compared to many others is outstanding. They don't just put the highest priced vehicles in the showroom lobby, instead they showcase what people want, camry's, corolla's, etc. They also have a car information section where you can see all different models, specifications, and options for each vehicle which is nice considering there is so much to choose from. The one thing I thought this dealership was lacking was the advertisement of special offers, incentives and deals. Let us know what our benefits are by buying new compared to buying used! Another huge flaw was with their college graduate incentive. I am a recent college graduate and had no idea about the special offer they had for people like me! 0% financing for 5 years, an extra $1000 off, the ability to be finance a car even with crappy credit. These were all key points as to why I purchased the vehicle and none were apparent until I talked to a sales representative. Sales Representatives: I think everyone has this idea of a car salesman with the slicked back greasy hair, fake gold accessories and one-liners to make us feel good about buying from him over any other dealership. Realistically people times have changed. My sales rep. was a man named Mark McAloon who like me had recently graduated from college. Down to earth guy in his late 20's who just like me and you are trying to make a living, paying student loans and paying for a family. If he seems anxious about you buying a car... well.. I would too if I were in his position how do you think these people make a pay check? He was extremely helpful in explaining each cost I might incur such as sales tax, registration fee's, dealer fee's, etc. He took his time to write down each of the fee's without me even asking, then subtracting the incentives I was eligible for. He knew his information front to back and was realistic about my goals to have a car payment that I could handle. They need to have this sales rep deal with every single college student who walks through those doors. He did not pressure me into buying, explained that if I wanted to think about it and come back I could but most importantly did not portray that image of the sleazy car salesman yet portrayed the image of a professional businessman who wanted me to be happy with everything from the car itself to the financing I received. Trade-in: I can see why some people leaving prior reviews would be aggravated with the way that this dealership deals with trade-in's. Without even seeing your vehicle they instantly give you a price. In my situation I was extremely happy whereas my car was beginning to have transmission issues and I knew that the cost to fix it would outweigh the value of the car. So when they offered me $2,500 for it.. well.. I couldn't complain. It would be nice to have them deal with trade-in's a different way. Have one sales rep dedicated to trade in values. Have them look up the value of the car and offer a price suitable to the buyer. This may not be only this dealership keep in mind, I've seen plenty others do the same thing. The entire system would need to change. Service: The day after I brought my brand new 2011 Camry LE home I realized that there were a couple of scratches in the paint, 2 or 3. My brother who builds custom hot rods for a living and has a crazy Italian temper flipped out and couldn't believe they would give it to me like this. Me being the sensible one realize that things happen and nobody is perfect. Did the dealership specifically give me the camry with a few scratches to save some money? Of course not. I called my sales rep Mark that day, explained the situation and we scheduled an appointment to have the scratches taken care of free of charge. Before you get extremely upset about small things realize that these people are exactly what I called them... people.. human, give them a break and a chance. Tips for a potential buyer: Do your online research, especially Edmunds which helped me tremendously through the process of purchasing a new vehicle and making sure I got the best deal on a reliable car. Print out true value reports on different models, options, etc. and bring them with you to the dealership to present to the sales rep. List your monthly expenses and bring them with you so you can sit down with the sales rep and configure a monthly payment that will work for you. Print out the value of your trade-in and show it to the sales rep, if you do not get the price you want for your trade in ask the sales rep to present the paper to his manager and see if they can't make another offer. Of course you will deal with negotiating prices and payment but with proper tools you have to present to them you will be ahead of the game not only at this dealership but at any other. Compared to any other of the dealership I visited this one has my highest rating, but this is from my own personal experience and shouldn't reflect everyones.

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