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These guys don't care about their cars or their customers

Written by mro3 on 07/13/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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My wife and I had a lot of problems with Clay Nissan of Norwood after we agreed to buy a new 2010 Altima Hybrid. They gave us a defective car, lied to us and wasted our time. We regret going to these guys. If we could do it over again, we'd go to a dealership that cares about its cars and customers. We came to the dealership to test-drive an Altima Hybrid. We were interested in a silver one, and Demar told us they had them in all colors, including silver. But to try the car we agreed to drive whatever color they didn't have to look too long for. We drove it, loved it, agreed on a price and started on paperwork. While we were doing that, Demar mentioned that we were signing paperwork for a black car since they didn't have any colors except black and white. We said repeatedly from the start that we wanted a silver one so we stopped filling out the forms. Demar then found a silver car in the Newton dealership and said that the car will be ready to be picked up on Monday. When we returned on Monday we discovered that the car wasn't ready to be picked up because no one at the dealership thought of contacting our insurance company and thus the registration couldn't be processed. We did get to see our car and found a number of scratches, including a fairly deep one on the rear door. Demar assured us that the scratches are not a big deal and that all the scratches will be taken care of by the time we pick up the car on Tuesday. Coming back to the dealership on Tuesday, I found that the car wasn't ready to be picked up because they needed to put the car into a body shop to repair the deep scratch (to be fair, Demar tried to call to tell me this, but I was in traffic on my way to the dealership and missed his call). I was assured that they'll expedite the order from the usual 2-3 days and will ship the car on a flatbed to not run up the miles. Next day I found out that instead of shipping, they drove the car to Newton, where the body shop was located. Frustrated with repeatedly being given false information, running to and from the dealership and the scratches on our brand new car, I called the dealership manager, Alex, to complain and to ask for someone to supervise the situation. Alex was completely unapologetic, while refusing to directly address whether its acceptable for his people to lie to customers and for new cars purchased at his dealership to come scratched. Instead, he said that there is nothing wrong with our car (I guess defective paint job doesn't count). Then that its our fault that we requested a vehicle they didn't have in stock (never mind that they told us at the very beginning that they had a silver one). We should have examined the car before we signed the paperwork (never mind that we were told these scratches are no big deal and will be taken care of the next day). His people were going above and beyond trying to fix scratches on our car (never mind that these scratches were deposited on the car before we even saw it). No one could have told me that the car was going to be shipped on a flatbed to a body shop because they don't ship cars on flatbeds (I must be making that up). When I contrasted our experience here with purchasing a new Accord from Bernardi last fall, where everything was ready when they said it was going to be ready and the car didn't have a scratch on it, Alex replied in a smiling voice "you bought a better car here." And so on and so forth the conversation went.. I got a call on Saturday (day four after they told me they'd expedite the work) that the car was ready, inspected, and had no scratches on it. They repaired the scratch on the rear door well, but the car now sported other scratches. When I complained, some manager came out and tried to talk me out of putting the car in the body shop again. He said that the scratches could have come from driving the car (even though they were curved and perpendicular to the direction of car movement - in fact, they looked like someone

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