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Horrible, Awful, Abysmal, Could not be more insulted [violative content deleted]

Written by hmsmark on 06/21/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
Recommend this dealer? No Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? No, Poor experience with dealer personnel

This happened today, 6/21/2010. The wife and I walked in ready to buy/lease a Honda Civic. A salesman: early 20s; wrinkled, misbuttoned shirt, poorly tied tie (think Jonah Hill from Superbad and Get Him to the Greek) comes up to us. I tell him I'm looking at the Civic and saw their ad in the paper. He asks if I read the fine print and that those prices were only for "Tier 1" credit (this indicates that their ads may be bait and switch BS). We have very good credit, probably what they consider Tier 1, but I told him I wanted to look at and test drive the car as that I've never seen the inside of or driven a Civic. The salesman said "I need to run your credit now before you look at the car because I don't want to waste my time." I kid you not, this 22 (or so) year old kid is a [violative content deleted] straight out of the 70s. He was only missing the plaid suit (though the wrinkled, slacker look didn't make him look particularly competent)! I tell him that I need to SEE the car in question before we start talking price or running credit scores. He again says "I don't want to waste my time! I do this with everyone before I show them the car." I tell him I don't want to waste time either, but I need to see the product before we start talking numbers, and he indicates that we'll test drive before we crunch numbers. So, he comes back with a worksheet, and I give him name, address, and what I'm looking for. He then says, well, I'll just run the credit score... Now I get upset. I haven't SEEN the car and he wants to run my credit to see if I'm worthy to gaze upon a Honda Civic. I tell him that this is ridiculous, and that I'm not running anything until I see the car and know it's a product I want to consider. Again he says: "I don't want to waste my time..." I mean, this is not my first rodeo. I've bought a car before. I've been able to look at it and take it around the block without giving over my social security number and so on. I've NEVER heard the words "I don't want to waste my time" from a salesman. He then asks if I would like to talk to his manager, because I tell him that he's wrong, that I should be able to look at a car before you run my credit (again, I have great credit and the wife has even better). I said sure, bring him out. We wait 5-minutes, no manager, and the wife and I get up. He may not want to waste his time, but they're sure wasting mine. As I walk past him and his manager talking to another customer, he calls after me. I keep walking, but the wife turns back and I go back. I'm about to go ballistic and start critiquing this "salesman's" wrinkled shirt and whole "slacker" appearance, and that doesn't get me into a new car, so I just want to go. So, another manager comes out and asks if he can help as I'm collecting the wife. If I'm worried about being rude, I'm worried about her being... more rude! I relate the story to the other guy, and he does apologize and offers another salesperson, but I'm done! If they allow Mr. "I don't want to waste my time" to operate that way, then this is not a place I want to do business. I mean, I'm a professional and so is my wife. We own two houses! We have very good credit! Granted, I want a cheap car, but this is a car I drive to work. A to B, not something for fun, and I basically have the fat kid from Superbad treating me like I'm an ex-con with $5 in the bank instead of a professional who could buy the car in cash if I wanted! And even if I didn't have some money in the bank and a good job, no one deserves to be told "I don't want to waste my time" and be refused service unless a credit score was run! So I make sure they know how he operates, and I can't believe I'm the first to call him on it (unless it's is first day), and leave. How many of you would put up with "I need to see if you can afford this car before I waste my time?" Not too many, I'd imagine. Well, my advice, go elsewhere for your Honda! That's what I'm

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