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Written by doc32 on 02/26/08 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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BE SURE TO READ THIS BEFORE BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY. For starters I was told that I was pre-approved for 25,500 and I asked several times on the phone if they could verify that and be sure of it before I stepped into the door and they constantly told me yes. On the phone I clearly told them that I wanted a Honda Civic with Nav, they say ok, as if that would be possible. When I got in the store they soon brought out a Hyundai Elantra and Grand Am. That was not the car I mentioned on the phone so why would they dare show it to me. Here is the key, I don't have credit but I was shocked that I could be approved for that much and I was shocked that they confirmed over the phone, that is why I went into the store. Before they contacted me I had planned to get a visa and build my credit then reapply online for a loan but when they called I thought wow there is hope but there wasn't. Here is why you should be careful with them, here are the tactics they used with me. For one, on there website they don't list sale prices of there used vehicles you have to call. When you get in there, especially if you have bad credit/no credit, they are going to offer you what they want, plus they are going to ask you what you want to pay per month, TAKE MY WORD, DON'T FALL FOR THIS. Don't go by monthly payment you will be cheated, I suggest that you get the prices of the vehicles and the VIN go home and research the price on Edmunds and KBB, then go back and make a deal that work for you. When they saw I was only going for a Honda Civic and they knew I couldn't get the financing they tried to use another trick saying I didn't have a credit rating yet. I check my credit all the time especially since I payed off a lot of debt. Be sure to know your credit score and where you stand or they will try to trick you this way. Last but not least when they realized I wasn't falling for there tricks they told me I needed 6000.00 down for a Honda Civic. Why didn't they tell me this over the phone? Because they just wanted to get me in and hope that I would take to whatever they gave me. Be cautious of buying here. If they cannot list there used car prices something is fishy. Don't be fooled. Be smart. I used to be an anxious buyer and I got cheated that way. Try to be patient and go in knowing that they are going to run a game on you. Also one of there tricks is they will use a women, who sounds really nice and loving and looks down to earth with normal causal clothing on to really bait you in, don't fall for it it's a trick. This person will tell you they don't know much only what the Finance Manager tells you. I also notice that the fianance manager couldn't even look me in the eye, that is when I knew they were [violative content deleted] for sure. They lied from the first contact to the end. DON'T BE FOOOLED. If you have bad credit get a secured card and build up your credit first, get a loan online or via your own bank, be sure it is from a trusted company, do some research on and or you will be cheated. One more piece of advice, never wait until your car is out of commission to get another car start saving ahead of time so that you have options and so that you can walk away from dealers like BOB BRADY AUTO MALL. I plan to list all of there stores because they are all the same (Bob Brady dodge, Bob Brady Honda, Bob Brady Hyundai, Bob Brady Mitsubishi, Bob Brady Automall, in Decatur Illinois.) I hope that you really read this review, because they are getting there money why shouldn't you get a good deal as well.

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Everything that you have said seems to be true. Several friends of mine worked there for several months(3yrs ago) and ultimately quit because they could no longer stomach the trickery they were forced to subject customers to. These friends say that they are to get customers in the dealership by any means necessary!! They have scripts and tell every customer the same thing; [they have multiple lenders that other dealerships dont, they have down payment plans available(most of which are completely not allowed by lenders)they have a wide variety of vehicles and if they dont have it they will get it.] They say that their main goal is to get customers to trust them and then trick them. They also said that the finance representatives and managers will get the customers to put down wayyyy more down than the bank is actually requiring so that they make a bigger commission. They offer all these great options such as warranties and lifetime oil changes, only they dont fulfill these obligations once the car is sold. The sales and finance managers talk negatively and demean customers. They sit in the back going through and critizing peoples credit reports and financial situations. This dealership is bad news. They have customers coming in as many times as they can just to tell them no or to come back once their situation changes. They tell customers that running their credit wont affect their credit score but it really does. Even if the car the customer wants is within the banks guidelines, if the dealership isnt going to make that much $$$$ from the sale. These are all things I was told from people that say that worked there.

  • By dontbdooped
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 11:48:49 PM PST

I heard that the same person owns both Bob Brady Automall and JDByrider in decatur and springfield. Its suppose to be an alternate option if customers arent qualified.

  • By dontbdooped
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 11:49:12 PM PST

We read all the negative reviews before we went to this store an thought, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. No first off, let me say, we have 2 handicap children and don't have the greatest credit in the world. But, when I fill out a credit app, at a general location on line Bob Brady was the first to respond and said they were one of the ONLY ONE's that could help us. YEAH RIGHT! After badgering me for DAYS, e-mails, phone calls, etc.... We agreed to go down there. We drove over an hour to get there. Upon meeting with our finance consultant, who mind you was in her 30's and wearing piggy tails. I wasn't real impressed. I'm a union laborer. So, my job can be seasonal, but it's not classified as seasonal. And, I have another job which I work when I am laid off in the winter months. Well, after dragging my 3 kids and wife in, sitting down, going through everything. The lady in piggy's came out and said that her "lenders" don't deal with seasonal work? WHAT... So you "pre-qualified" me for 25500 on the phone and computer, lure me down here OVER and hour... Then, take all my info which you already had and then tell me I'd have to buy from JD BYRDER???? No fricking WAY! The only debt I have is my home which the mortgage is under 80 grand... And I've NEVER had trouble borrowing $ before with a "seasonal" job..... They are just crooks that are trying to screw anyone over that's willing to bend over and take it! They are definitely nice enough people.... But, REALLY! Quit taking up people's time and giving FALSE advertising. There are SO many other dealers in this world that would do HONEST business and would NEVER even bother bringing you in to waste their time. But, not these people..... OH well, on to the next dealership!

  • By roper7673
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 11:53:27 PM PST

My 67 year old father traded for a new 2008 Chrysler and about a month after the deal was made they sent him a bill for $724.01. Because they screwed up the payoff on the car that he traded in. He has bought 4 cars from them and this is how they treat him. When I called several time about this the Manager was aways out so I called them from the Pilot truck stop across the street and was told that he was still out then I went to the dealership and he was seating in his office. I have bought over 18 car and have never been treated the way they treated My Father. I would not even buy a skateboard from this dealer. The only one that I would trust in the Dealership is Robert Taylor. My Father told Robert that if he ever goes to work for a Honest car dealer he would buy a car from him. He and the rest of the family will never step on Bob brady dealership again and tell everone they know about the treatment we got.

  • By timlucas
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 11:55:42 PM PST

Bob Brady also has an interest in JD Byrider if not complete ownership. They prey on the low income and uninformed buyers with 5 year old cars that are priced double their book value. JD Byrider repossessses these cars so much they know their own way back to the lot.

  • By ou813
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 11:56:04 PM PST