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Rip-Off Service

Written by msmammypie on 07/11/08 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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New in town, took my 2000 Toyota 4-Runner in to Peterson Toyota for its 60,000 mile maintenance. Got a quote for $650. Quote only included service, didn't include any parts, by the way. Couldn't afford it so left and came back a couple of months later. Told them there was a squeak when driving over bumps and closing the car door. Would they please look at that, too? Went to pick up the car - they said they couldn't hear any squeaking (it still squeaks, 1 year later). Made a big deal that they gave me $15 worth of parts for free. 3 days after leaving the shop, the wiper fluid sensor went out. Light remained on all the time, even when the reservoir was full! Called them and they said, what an amazing coincidence! Couldn't have been anything they did, even though it worked perfectly up till the minute they worked on it. Had to order the part first and wait a couple of weeks to get the part. Took the car back in and paid $165 to fix that little problem. About a week later I got a coupon book in the mail from them for 20% off a 60,000 mile maintenance and a discount off other maintenance work. Wouldn't that have been nice to have a few weeks earlier.... Wouldn't it have been nice of them to offer me the discount when I was in there, even without the coupon book!! I wrote them and told them I didn't appreciate receiving coupons for work I just had done AFTER I had the work done. They NEVER even had the courtesy to answer my letter. Needless to say, I will NOT darken their door again. They clearly don't need my business. What a rip off, do NOT go there.

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Because I was staying in Boise for a short period of time, and because my 94 Toyota P/U needed service, I took it to Peterson's. They sent me a letter asking for my opinion and I sent them this email: Flag this messagePeterson Autoplex Service OrganizationThursday, November 13, 2008 3:47 AM I am responding to your letter (November 5, 2008) asking me to respond "If for any reason" etc. Toyota has earned a place among the top producers of automobiles in so far as reliability. As a seller of this product I'm sure you enjoy a profitable dealership. As with any automobile, service is required periodically, and as to your service organization, I can only state that you are representing Toyota as a total rip-off! I'm sure you know that your pricing structure in out of line. Unfortunately during a visit to Boise, I engaged your services as a convenience; my lack of judgment, and your obvious profit. It won't happen again. I applaud the service rep who advised me that my timing chain needed service. However, his quote was $2,450.00 for that service. cc:Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc.19001 South Western Ave.Dept. WC11Torrence, Ca. 90501 Will's Motors in Twin Falls, Id. quotes 1/2 or less of Peterson's quotes for the same service.

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