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Can You Trust Your Mechanic?

Written by walkfar on 03/29/09 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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Not all automotive technicians or shops are created equal. The good ones can save you money and keep your family safe on the road, while others...well can't. Each type of maintenance facility has its pros and cons. But the type of shop doesn't really matter. It is the PEOPLE inside it who do. Like a doctor, an automotive technician or mechanic has to be a "go-to" player in your life. The mechanic or shop has to instill confidence--- Unfortunately not all are created equal. Communication is important. The shop manager or service consultant should ask you lots of questions and listen carefully to your answers, writing your own words down for communication with the technician who actually will be servicing your vehicile. A key question to watch for is the phone number at which you can be reached with the results of any initial diagnosis and estimate for the work. Today's labor rates are calculated by the time, the complexity of the task at hand and the expertise needed to complete the task...not strictly by a stopwatch. Make sure repairs are done by the book..Techs must stand behind their work...inspect it thoroughly.. get another set of eyes before it rolls out the door. With all this said, here is my experience! 30,000 mile service check. Service consultant prints out the items to be done. Reviewing it, I cross off items that have already been cw. Added a few items per my owners manual. Gave my phone number. Both parties say they understand each other. OK time to pk up the truck,, lets look it over...bolts not completly installed, fluid mess on radiator, items requested to be done not done, idler pulley, belt, bolt hanging in the wind, not installed, gave me wrong bolts for panel. Went over the paper work..asked questions and that is how I found what I wanted done did not get done. No one called me. Consultant points to the mechanic saying he was confussed?? so why didn't any one call me.The shop wasn't even busy, so why hurry? After I inspected the truck, they put another mechanic to finish the work. Do it right the first time, as they say" measure twice cut once!!" Service consultant and mechanic rated a "red x" .

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