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WORST auto buying experience of my LIFE...

Written by nosyajg on 12/17/08 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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okay guys, let me tell you folks about one of the WORST car buying experiences i had EVER...absolutely the WORST customer service i have experienced at a car dealership.... I wont say the name of the dealership, but I will say they sell Mitsubishis in aiea... i needed a new safety check on my C6 Z06, so after i got it i decided to stop by the Mitsubishi dealership when I was done, as i'm looking for something with 4 mind you, i have test driven and bought lots of cars over the past few years, all from different dealerships, and many costing over twice as much as the Evo X MR that i was interested in... as soon as i get out, i get greeted and everything was fine...i get directed to a salesman, and tell him that i work at noon (it was 1015), so i'd like to cut to the chase and give him my license and insurance card and tell him to run the credit check before we even start talking cars, so we don't need to wait for it later while i hear his sales pitch, the credit app can be processed... so we start on the paperwork, and he submits it...he then brings out his "4 squares" worksheet, with the adjusted price of 7k+ over msrp...i tell him that i dont pay over sticker, and we can discuss price after the test drive, cause i'm not gonna waste time dealing with numbers if i dont like the car...sales guy then puts his pen down says, "so what do you want to do today then? just look at cars?" i tell him that i am interested, but i dont wanna work out numbers until after i drive the car...i'm still trying to decide what i want...and the financing may play a factor in what i decide to get...that's why i had them run the credit they know i'm not BSing... so we go and look at a silver one outside...he shows me features and all that already has plates, cause it has 48xx miles on it, and is considered their demo...i tell him i'm ready for a test drive, then he says that only people with approved credit get to drive the car...i told him that i know my credit is good, thats why i had him run the credit we go back inside to check on the status...manager comes out and we all sit down...he tells me that he hears that i'm just looking, and that they wont let just anyone test drive the car, but they will serious buyers...i tell him that i am serious, but i'm there to drive one to see if i like it...if there's no test drive, then i'll leave, so they dont waste my time and i dont waste theirs...they talk and tell me that people who drive it usually buy it, and they want to keep the miles low on it... i reiterate the fact that they have a silver one with 48xx miles on it, and a person who passed the credit check, and they wont allow a test drive?!? the manager then says that people who buy the cars are picky about mileage, and they want the miles as low as possible...this boggles me at this point- since they have a demo with lots of miles already on it...i repeat that fact, and they mention this guy who bought one didnt want more than 30 miles on it, and so does this guy on the big island, and this other guy in tahiti...i'm thinking great- they arent here, but i am...and they have four 2008 models sitting on the lot during the second week of december, not to mention how bad the economy is, but they wanna keep the miles low for these people in other places to buy it eventually... i tell them i know about keeping miles low, but i cant see them not giving a test drive...i tell them the C6 Z06 I have i test drove before making any commitment, and it cost twice as much as the MR...they say, servco was more inclinced to do so since i had a deposit on i thank them for their time, and say sorry we cant do business and walk out... as i start up my car, the finance manager come up to my window and tells me that he wants to see how he can help me...i tell him that i was serious about looking at the car, but i dont wanna waste my time if i cant test drive it...i ask him how more se

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