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IG Burton Chevrolet of Seaford Service Reviews

  • 24799 Sussex Hwy
  • Seaford, DE 19973 (map)
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Written by bchandler2 on 01/17/13 09:54:22 AM PST Go back to Service reviews
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I am utterly disgusted with the way that situations are handled today. There is no such thing as Customer Service and everyone is so dishonest!!!! In October 2011 we purchased a 2010 Charger from I.G. Burton at a sale they were having at the Delaware State Fair. It came with the remainder of the factory bumper to bumper warranty and we purchased an extended warranty. Somehow the paint on the spoiler has begun to bubble up. It’s not as if we could have done this ourselves. When Aaron first took the car to the I.G. Burton in Milford he was greeted by Brad, who works in the shop. He works in the shop and was very disrespectful. He first asked him if he put the spoiler on himself. When he told him, no we bought it with the car on it, he said, come on…tell the truth. He then said he would take a couple pictures however the bubbles were not going to show up on his camera and he would send it in to Chrysler but more than likely that it was not going to be covered because it was an aftermarket item. Ummm, it came with the car when we bought it!!!! A couple weeks passed and we had not heard anything so I called to speak to Brad. What a [non-permissible content removed]!!! When I called as soon as I said who I was, he said, oh yeah, the kid with the Charger. I said, yeah I guess. He proceeded to say; yeah I told him we were not going to cover that and that it was an aftermarket item. This leads me to believe that he never even sent the photos in. When I said, that the “fin” came with the car, he corrected me and’s a spoiler. So we went back and forth for a bit and the result was no they were not going to cover it. I asked for a Manager to call me back and he informed me he was the Manager and that there were no others available. I asked to speak to the Salesman that sold me the car. I could only remember that his name was Jim and he was elderly and his response was, yeah.. we have lots of those. Approximately fifteen (15) minutes later, the Service Manager, Carol H. who is coincidently Brad’s girlfriend called my husband and stated she was going to call Chrysler and see if Chrysler would pay for half and if they agreed then her store would pay the other half. A couple weeks go by and she calls my husband back yesterday and says, you bought the car from the Seaford I.G. Burton so you have to call the General Manager, Wayne W., and see if he is willing to pay for the repairs. Sorry. Last night I called Mr. W. and his immediate response was…I wasn’t even working here when you bought the car. Funny… the bubbles weren’t on the spoiler when I bought it either. Second response, it’s an aftermarket product and it should not be covered. I again explained that it came with the car and it is not some that we did to the car nor could we have prevented it. I asked to speak to his Manager and he stated he would talk to him and call me back in the morning. Today I got that call and Mr. W. informed me of our warranty and that our extended warranty has a $200 deductable. He agreed to fix the spoiler if we paid our deductable. I informed him that I had already researched the repairs and it only costs about $300 to replace the spoiler. He said he was going to have it painted and it would cost him about the same. I said, so I am paying the majority of the repairs? His response, yes. I said, that doesn’t sound ridiculous to you. I am paying the majority of something that was of no fault of ours? He said nothing. I then said, send me and email of what we have discussed in an email. He said…….no. If he was going to do what he said and everything was legit.. why wouldn’t he send me and email to confirm it? So instead, I.G. Burton will get a complaint letter to the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General’s Office, a copy of this letter will be posted on, and on, as well as my FB page. Delaware is not that big, but it does have plenty of car dealerships and places to have vehicles serviced. In this economy there are many deciding factors when people come to spend money. I assure you Customer Service and honesty play an enormous part. We spent over $20,000 at your dealership, that doesn’t include the service we had performed on our vehicle. I assure you, we won’t spend one more penny there, not at any of your dealerships. I hope this was worth the $300 you think you are saving the company.

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Hello, I'm Laura, i.g. Burton's new Customer Relations Manager, and I am sorry it has taken so long to respond to your review. I would like to apologize on behalf of the dealership for the negative experience you encountered with us. I have reached out to management and learned we did pay to the fix the spoiler and the problem was resolved. Again though, I am sorry your experience with us wasn't positive. i.g. Burton does strive for positive customer service and we will use this as a training topic for our employees.

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