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First and last time to use this dealership.

Written by robrt on 03/21/11 03:05:49 PM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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This was my first and last visit to this dealership for service. The cost to perform the scheduled service was $100 more than I was quoted for the same service from another dealership. $176 for labor? Seriously? I should have walked out then and there but I thought I would give them a chance. I may have felt better about it if there was some evidence that they actually did anything. Sadly there is more evidence against it. After the vehicle was finished, I was handed a check sheet of he items that were inspected. Rotated the tires? Not likely. This past winter I had to fill my tires with air when the TPI warning illuminated on my instrument panel. Due to the cold, I couldn't maintain a grip on the valve stem caps and dropped them inside the wheel hub openings, so the rear wheel didn't have stem covers on them. After servicing the rear wheels still don't. This is important because part of what I was charged for was to rotate the tires. Obviously the wheels were never touched even though I was charged for them. The windshield wipers need to be replaced. They chatter and smear the windshield on the upswing. They were checked off as being good. Really? Looks like I will have to pick up replacement blades and change them (I can't image how much I would have paid for a labor charge for that). Part of the service I was charged for was a test drive. It had started to snow and rain after I arrived. When I went to leave the vehicle was bone dry and the window open. Obviously it never left the bay (they might have seen the wipers needed replacing if it had). Makes me wonder what else hadn't been done yet I was charged for. At least the oil looked clean when I checked it. The waiting area is located outside what appears to be a lounge/work area for the sales staff. They may want to rethink that. The door is frequently left open and waiting customers can hear every comment from the sales staff some of which were not too complimentary of their customers. Trying to leave was what did it for me. A vehicle had been parked outside the exit bay door. The was also a vehicle parked in front of the entrance bay door to the left of the exit door. Between the two doors is a sandwich board. Being unable to go anywhere all I could do was wait a minute or two to see if someone would move the car. As I was about to get out to get someone to move it, a staff member walks up and asks if there is a problem. Yes!! So this genius, instead of moving the car has me weave between the door jam, the two cars and a sandwich board to exit this sad excuse for dealership. I am glad they have so much concern for their customers vehicles.

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