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PATCHETTS FORD took care of my issue Updated!

Written by towncountry03 on 01/09/12 08:02:17 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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Updated!(01/11/12 11:17 AM PST)- Nobody likes bad reviews. Mr Patchetts wasn't aware of the situation but took care of it very quickly when he heard about it. That's why I'm upgrading to 4 stars. I'm now a satisfied customer. Thanks.

Original Review - DO NOT BUY FROM PATCHETTS FORD Here's my recent experience with Pachetts-Ford after only one week of ownership of a used minivan. Email conversations starting with lastest reply. 1/07/2012 Sorry your having problems with your van. Unfortunately their would not be anything that Patchetts Ford could do to assist you. Sorry your having troubles, sincerely. Hugh ------------------------------------ 1/06/2012 Hi there, I don't know if Joel mentioned the issues I'm having with my recent purchase that's why I'm forwarding these emails to you. 1) Was there a second set of key/keyless opener for this van? 2) Would you like me to ship the leaking A/C evaporator to you to prove I'm not lying? Hugh, I know I'm probably not very high on your priority list but I'm so disappointed right now, there's no word to describe it. All I know is this: (from your website) [For almost 100 years, Patchetts Ford has built its reputation on providing courteous, honest service. Our customers appreciate the way we do business, and they make sure to tell their friends and neighbors that Patchetts is the dealership that does things the right way. From Lifetime Oil Changes to our first-class selection of vehicles to our outstanding Parts and Service departments, Patchetts is the type of dealership you have been searching for. Ask your friends and neighbors about us and they will tell you Patchetts is the one dealership you need to visit if you want to see just how well a customer can and should be treated.] I'm not sure what can be done to make this whole thing better but maybe you can come up with something that would make me happy. I'm not rich here and if I'd known before hand about the A/C and tire situation, there's no way I would've made this purchase because I'm on a tight budget. I don't really care to discuss this over the phone as I might start crying or yell. Who knows? If I don't hear from you within a week, I'll just go ahead and go adjust my reviews as mentioned in previous email below. Hope you can give me some kind of good news, Thanks Lynda G From: L G To: ..... salesdept@patchettsfor...; Subject: RE: 2003 town and country Sent: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 4:28:39 PM Hi Joel, got my van. Looks as good as the photos. Unfortunately I've became more and more disappointed by the day. I know I bought the van as is but I wasn't ready for this much repairs in my first week of ownership. See parts of our email conversation during negotiation process below. excerpts: ME [I must assume that you're a reputable dealership and would not sell me that vehicle if there would be anything wrong with the transmission, wheel bearings, A/C evaporator or brake system.] YOU [I have been ranked in the top percentile in sales and customer service for Ford, in the western region. Patchetts Ford is a President Award Dealership. Furthermore, I have driven this van to make sure that you do not have any problems when you recieve it. Our mechanics have made sure that it passed our inspection.] Now, The good, the bad and the ugly: The good: Looks very good and smells nice. The bad: Non disclosure or mismatched tires. Ad shows photo of the one new tire in the back but the other side has a bad tire out of round and causes a knocking sound at low speed 15-20 mph. Very obvious and detectable by anybody driving this van. I can't find ANY matching brand in my area. I wanted to keep the new tire as my spare and buy two Toyo Eclipse to match the front but after hours of googling I found out that Eclipse are only sold by Les Schwab on the west coast. So now I'm forced to buy a matching set of four new tires. The ugly: I asked you to make sure the A/C system was good and did not smell bad (see conversation in bold) and your response was, well, read quoted part about your mechanics "inspection". I brought the van to MY mechanic about the A/C not blowing cold air and what do you know? The evaporator leaks. That's why there was no freon in the system. Cost to fix: $1100 for the part, plus tax and installation It was also low on steering fluid causing a howling sound but went away after filling up with proper fluid. It's mind boggling to me that your "President Award" winning dealership has such poor mechanics that do an oil change and don't make sure all other fluids are filled up. It's mind boggling to me that you said the van drove fine when I heard and felt the knocking sound right away. It's totally mind boggling to me that you would think I would've bought the van knowing the A/C system wasn't working perfectly. Obvious deal breaker for anybody. Goodbye Lynda G******

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